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Now Playing – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ

Tunes from Chris Malinchak, Daithi (pictured), The Gloaming, Solange’s “Saint Heron” compilation and Brad Mehldau

Fri, Dec 6, 2013, 08:30


Chris Malinchak “Call My Name” (White)

A sleek, soulful jam from the “So Good To Me” dude

Daithi “Case Closed” (White)

Another west coast thriller from the dude with the loops and the fiddle. Vocals from Senita Appiakorang and produced by Ian Ring.

The Gloaming “The Gloaming” (Real World)

Majestic sounds from the supergroup behind what sounds like one of 2014’s most groundbreaking albums. Hear the album in full here.

Various “Saint Heron” (Saint)

Solange-helmed compilation of new hooksome and infectious r’n’b and pop from the far side.

Brad Mehldau “Elegiac Cycle” (Nonesuch)

Reliving last weekend’s sublime solo show at Dublin’s NCH with a trip to the Mehldau back-pages. Recent interview with him here.