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Prof Denis O’Sullivan. Analysed moon rocks brought back by Neil Armstrong on board the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Photograph: Eric Luke

If you are resorting to virtual table quizzes to break the Covid-19 lockdown boredom, try this question: who links these three things – moon rocks, hi(...)

The US FDA has moved to stop seven companies from promoting silver-based products with claims they can be used to treat Covid-19. Photograph: iStock

The purveyors of snake oil and phony medical treatments are alive and well and making their latest buck on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic. The huck(...)

A scientific study found the richness of bumblebee species declined rapidly between 2000 and 2014. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

An unexpected visitor appeared in the back garden a couple of weeks ago, a foraging bumblebee. Is this a record, I thought to myself, given it was sti(...)

All it took was a 60-year drought to wipe out Nineveh, capital of the great Neo-Assyrian Empire and the largest city in the world until its fall in 612 BC.

At 3pm Irish time today we will learn whether our frail planet and its human cargo must lurch a step closer to being engulfed by a global catastrophe (...)

Prof He Jiankui: his  modification was in the germline, the cells that bring about the next generation and the next and the next. Photograph:  Anthony Kwan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Remember these two names, Lulu and Nana. They are twin girls born in China in October 2018, and we already know they are going to be famous. They ar(...)

What used to be frozen is now thawing and is doing so remarkably quickly

Anyone considering a trip to Lapland and a chance to visit Santa’s headquarters this autumn? The elves and reindeer await you, but there is one ingred(...)

Confusion over trying to guess where Brexit is likely to dump us all serves to undermine the UK’s ability to attract talent. File photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A no-deal Brexit looks set to undermine the UK’s position as a world leader in international research and is already starting to cause damage accordin(...)

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe said earlier this week that the Government will have to make a judgment call ahead of budget day on the most likely Brexit scenario, even as it plans in the meantime for both

Vacant development sites should be taxed more aggressively and loopholes being used by landowners closed to cut the cost of building homes and spur su(...)

The society was founded by Thomas Prior, above, and 13 friends, all male and all from the middle classes of the Protestant ascendency

You can not be in business these days without someone exhorting you to be innovative, to apply new thinking to solve problems and make improvements th(...)

Dr John McKeon established the company in 2000 when working in a Dublin asthma and allergy clinic.

An Irish company is helping 60 million people in the US affected by asthma and allergies to live healthier, happier lives. The Dublin-based firm is li(...)

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