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Nasa’s InSight lander on the surface of Mars. Photograph: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/via Reuters

The latest automated lander to reach the surface of Mars set up camp last week on the surface of Mars and is already at work. InSight has sent back pi(...)

How many of us are of the view that we are not receiving the salary we deserve?. Photograph: iStock

The tech sector has a reputation for delivering very generous salaries compared with other recruitment areas, with higher wages inflated still further(...)

The Amazon logo and stock price information   at the Nasdaq market site in New York on  September 4th, the day Amazon  became a trillion dollar company. Photograph:   Reuters

What do you make of the news in the past few weeks that we now have not one but two international US tech companies with market capitalisations excee(...)

Tesla founder Elon Musk caused an international news sensation when he made vile allegations without any foundation against one of the divers involved in the Thai cave rescue. Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty

Why is it that some people who become famous for their ability to innovate and invent can also sometimes become famous for other less savoury reasons?(...)

International consortium Gencomm is seeking to turn into hydrogen excess power produced by wind-energy installations.

An international research project involving NUI Galway hopes to find a way to avoid wasting excess wind energy by turning it into very pure hydrogen g(...)

“There are a number of key elements of the proposals that cause, or should cause, a degree of alarm in educationalists.”

The phrase “a recipe for disaster” comes to mind while reading through Department of Education and Skills proposals to alter the funding regime for ou(...)

Science Week 2017: In an hour-long television feature, A Robot Stole My Job, presenter Anne-Marie Tomchak took viewers on a highly engaging tour through the world of robots and artificial intelligence and how robots that can learn might change the dynamic between machine and human

If you have heard the word science a lot over the past few days then it probably has something to do with Science Week 2017. The annual series of nati(...)

Prof Wendelin Werner’s work ‘represents one of the most exciting and fruitful interactions between mathematics and physics in recent times’

What is happening when water in a pot begins to boil? And what happens when the boiling water turns into steam? Yes, the water is getting hotter but w(...)

Academic researchers and companies such as ESB Networks have been working on developing ways to feed renewable power back into the national grid. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

It is difficult to imagine it now but rural parts of Ireland underwent a technological revolution when electricity was finally delivered to people’s f(...)

President Donald Trump has said he will pull the US out of the accord and allow more fossil fuel production. Photograph: Getty Images

We habitually put a lot of trust into our relationship with government, but you have to wonder whether that faith – that government will act in our be(...)

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