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Even if Moscow does launch a full-on attack, western defence officials and analysts concur that its forces are insufficient to take and hold Kyiv.  Photograph:   Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images

Mariupol is under siege, Kherson has been captured and Ukrainian forces are preparing for a Russian assault to seize Odessa. The battle for Ukraine h(...)

A bombed residential building in the centre of  Kharkov, Ukraine. Photograph:  Andrea Carrubba/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Early on Wednesday Russian forces were filmed leaving the occupied territory of Ossetia in Georgia, headed for the Ukrainian front in a rumbling convo(...)

The discovery of Crispr-Cas9 has allowed plant geneticists to delete a few letters of DNA or disable genes. Photograph: iStock

The EU is falling behind in crop improvement because of its outdated policies on gene editing, say crop scientists. Japan, Canada, the US and now the (...)

A representation of SARS-CoV-2 on display at Oxford University Museum in the UK.

The pandemic is leaving in its wake perhaps millions of patients struggling with long-Covid, a debilitating illness marked by fatigue, malaise after a(...)

Natural killer cells are immune cells that have granules with enzymes that can kill tumour cells or cells infected with viruses.

A revolutionary treatment in cancer treatment will see immune cells injected into patients. Already there are five approved therapies that take T cel(...)

A patient diagnosed with tuberculosis looks out from a TB ward at a government hospital in Jalandhar, India. Photograph: Shammi Mehra/AFP/Getty Images

It took less than a year to develop and trial vaccines for Covid-19. But developing new vaccines is not always so successful. Three diseases have prov(...)

Exercise causes inflammation which switch on repair mechanisms in the body.

As the starting gun for the Tokyo Olympics is readied, elite athletes are pushing their already superb physiques to the limits, training long hours fo(...)

Studies show that urban air pollution is especially harmful, possibly due to metal nanoparticles. The highest concentrations waft along our busiest roads, especially where cars are braking and accelerating. Photograph: Getty Images

In a playground in Manchester, next to a busy road, Dr Barbara Maher captures air samples to bring back to her lab at Lancaster University. In a thimb(...)

Scientists still debate over why bats seem to harbour so many viruses.  Photograph: Olivier Farcy

The 2011 film Contagion seems strangely prescient when viewed in light of Covid-19. The disturbing movie features quarantines, face masks, Gwyneth Pal(...)

A team of experts at the University of Oxford are working to develop a vaccine that could prevent people from getting Covid-19. Photograph: Sean Elias/PA Wire

There’s enormous pressure on authorities to solve the Covid-19 pandemic. A vaccine is one potential solution. In July, US president Donald Trump toure(...)

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