Dublin can be heaven again as families flock back to the capital Club Chroma Chlorologia at Imma

The city is packed with culture and great experiences, many outdoors and all free

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Man jailed for rape of friend as she slept with her child The judge noted that the man sought asylum in Ireland 23 years ago and has been in full-time employment since. File photograph: The Irish Times

Woman friendly with assailant for years but never thought of him as anything other than a friend

In The News: Can Europe unite to fight climate change? In The News is presented by reporters Conor Pope and Sorcha Pollak

Widespread flooding in central Europe caused ‘terrifying’ destruction last week

Mark Shanley: ‘Nobody wants to see your ad, so it better be bloody good’ Mark Shanley: `Ideas appeal to me, and of course there’s that bit of ego too – it’s nice to see your work appear`

The creative director says Irish advertising has undergone a seismic shift, agencies are producing world-class work, and Ireland is bursting with creativity

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