Confidence-and-supply frenemies: the growing chasm between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil is driven by the North and Brexit. Photograph: Cyril Byrne Latest breakdown in relations driven by political interests

Pat Leahy: The big parties’ re-emergent rivalry can end only in a general election

‘Banks have been bailed out by the State, yet still they abuse enormous power and accumulate vast profits at our expense.’ File photograph: Getty Images Diarmaid Ferriter: Irish banks have abused customers for centuries

History shows that our financial institutions have consistently mistreated the public

Jordan B Peterson: “offering something other than ironic, hipsterish nihilism with a side order of avocado toast”. Professor provides antidote to nihilism and identity politics

Jordan Peterson’s stoical world view challenges tribalism of cultural Marxism

Computer-generated image Metro North: investment spending lets the economy grow more quickly by increasing its productive capacity. Cliff Taylor: Investment plan removes option of tax cuts

Vital infrastructure can bolster economy but delivery will be a huge challenge

Spain’s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos addresses a recent news conference. He is opposing Ireland’s Philip Lane for the job of ECB vice-presdient Politics key to deciding who gets the top jobs at the ECB

The race for the ECB vice-presidency is a clash between Frankfurt and Brussels

There is no shortage of zoned land in Ireland, but when it comes to the larger urban centres there is a lack of zoned land that has key services such as water and sewerage connections. Photograph: Getty Images Regional planning: Can we get it right this time?

National Planning Framework’s success is key to tackling housing and climate targets

Demonstration calling for an end to the direct provision system. File photograph: Tom Honan Ireland should be ashamed of our treatment of asylum seekers

How can the Irish as a migrant people show no regard for those in direct provision?

Parliament buildings in Belfast.  Photograph: Reuters Noel Whelan: Sinn Féin has weaponised the Irish language

Party leadership only cares about language as a means to score a political win in North

Luas Cross City construction works at O’Connell Bridge: Big projects need strong governance and appropriately sized delivery teams. Photograph: Eric Luke State investment plan needs to be properly project-managed

Infrastructure needs implementation team to ensure sustainability and delivery

DUP leader Arlene Foster with deputy leader Nigel Dodds: Republicans who imagine Ms Foster pitted against Mr Dodds are like unionists who hoped for rows between Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Newton Emerson: Notion of DUP split a useful tool for Sinn Féin

Newton Emerson: Talk of DUP Stormont and Westminster divide is too simplistic

Traffic on Dublin’s M50. Without proper regional planning, congestion in Dublin will get steadily worse Photograph: Alan Betson Frances Ruane: Planning framework must be founded on courage

Political commitment must underpin rational and holistic approach to spatial development

AfD supporters  hold a placard that says “Merkel has blood of her nation on her hands” during a protest rally in Berlin. Photograph: John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images Dangers of Nazi-era xenophobia stalk Europe again

It falls to us to renew the second World War’s central lesson: never again

Electronic voting machines and ballot modules  in storage in Glasnevin, Dublin. File photograph: Matt Kavanagh Kathy Sheridan: Ireland was ahead of the curve on hacking

Cyberattacks and social media threats show the benefits of traditional democracy

So far, only the Green Party has insisted that the Government must not deviate from plans to restrict one-off rural housing under the national planning framework. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien ‘Bungalow Blitz’ another nail in the coffin for towns and villages

The Government must not deviate from plans to restrict one-off rural housing

Sigmund Freud: Vincent MacNamara was associated with Eckhart House which offered courses in psycho-synthesis, a methodology which aimed to provide a spiritual overlay to the work of Freud. Vincent MacNamara surpassed theology’s closed circuit

Rite and Reason: Moral theologian explored idea of being spiritual but not religious

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage speaking at the Freedom to Prosper conference at the RDS. Photograph: Bryan Meade Fintan O'Toole: Irexit would be the end of Irish nationalism

A campaign to get Ireland to follow Britain out of the EU is doomed to fail

The Gate Theatre, Dublin: the actions of the courageous women who spoke out in relation to the Gate are proving to be a catalyst for change and reform How we will stamp out harassment in theatre and arts

An event for artists and organisations will take place in Liberty Hall next month

Derry City. One of the things that makes Derry Girls such a triumph is that it takes you by surprise. Photograph: Getty Images Una Mullally: Why ‘Derry Girls’ strikes the right note

For streaming services and traditional platforms, word of mouth just doesn’t travel fast enough

The Sláintecare report recommends that hospital beds, closed during the years of austerity, should be reopened Sláintecare is built on shaky financial foundations

The added cost of delivering the healthcare programme could reach €6.6bn

Judge  Kevin Lynch leaving Dublin Castle following hearings at the Kerry Babies tribunal. Photograph: Jack McManus Kerry Babies judge was not a pitiless, illiberal misogynist

My father acted as he did because Joanne Hayes was compromised as a witness

Dublin Port: imagine a shiny new city facing out to the sea instead of a few oildrums and containers.   Photograph: David Toase/Getty Images David McWilliams: Dublin Port is a waste of space. Move it

One solution to the housing crisis? Move the port and build a new kind of capital city

A Mabs office  in Dundrum, Co Dublin. File photograph: Aidan Crawley Breda O’Brien: Mabs forum’s defunding is deeply disturbing

Government is continuing its silence over the damaging restructuring row engulfing the service

France and Germany may set a course for destinations in areas like tax where the Irish government and the Irish people might not want to go. Photograph: Getty Images Pat Leahy: We will miss the British when they’re gone

Europe on verge of another big period of change that may not work to Ireland’s advantage

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas: US president Donald Trump’s  decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital  made it impossible for the Palestinian Authority under Abbas to sit down at the negotiating table. Photograph: Alaa Badarneh/EPA Ruadhán Mac Cormaic: The Middle East peace process is dead not stalled

It is time to plan for a new process once Trump leaves office

Gaiety School of Acting members Evelyn O’Keeffe, Megan O’Malley and Meg O’Brien  launching the Oireachtas  programme of events commemorating 100 years of voting rights for women. Photograph: Jason Clarke Most TDs not remotely interested in ending Dáil gender imbalance

Diarmaid Ferriter: Women in Dáil have been quite a nuisance over the decades

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange  in New York City, the US, during this week’s stock market wobble. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images Stockmarket chaos shows era of rock bottom interest rates is ending

Cliff Taylor: The Irish economy is in a sweetspot but it will not last

A cherry red Tesla Roadster automobile floats through space after it was carried there by SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. Photograph: SpaceX/Handout/Reuters Tech Titans making the world better; but for who?

It’s hard to cheer Musk’s big, cool, rocket, without thinking about how this wealth and power is being consolidated in the hands of a few

The joint report which marked the end of the first phase of Brexit negotiations committed Britain and the EU 27 to ensure Irish citizens in Northern Ireland would “continue to enjoy rights as EU citizens, including where they reside in Northern Ireland”. Noel Whelan: EU rights of Irish citizens in North a Brexit dilemma

Position of Irish citizens in North raises legal, diplomatic and political issues

According to a new survey,  our average shop contains a whopping 45.9% ultra-processed foods. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times In defence of people who don't have the time or the cash to cook from scratch

The latest food survey condemning the high level of utra-processed foods in our shopping baskets should be taken with a pinch of salt

Mary McAleese: why was a past president of Ireland, a practising Catholic, banned from addressing a meeting of Catholic women in the headquarters of Catholicism? Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Efforts to silence Mary McAleese reveal Vatican’s fixed thinking

Church’s move to exclude ex-president show resistance to women’s equality

At least three million Polish Jews – almost the entire Jewish population of Poland before the war – were murdered at Auschwitz and other death camps. Photograph: Kacper Pempel/Reuters  Poland’s Holocaust law is a licence to whitewash history

The collaboration of some Poles with Nazis during the second World War is a fact

Outgoing leader of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams. 'The relationship between unionism and republicanism has grown increasingly toxic and he must take some responsibility.' Photograph: Cyril Byrne Unionist loathing of Gerry Adams was counterproductive

Alex Kane: Sinn Féin man gained support from attacks on his sincerity and past actions

‘The lopsided development of the country is down to the political cowardice of successive governments who have pandered to the notion of protecting rural Ireland.’ Photograph: Barry Cronin Ireland’s future cannot be held to ransom by rural interests

Stephen Collins: National development plan must not be derailed by political cowardice

Nigel Farage: grinning prop for a pint? Photograph: Bryan Meade Kathy Sheridan: Nigel Farage, snake-oil salesman and brazen hypocrite

Kathy Sheridan: Why does Ukip’s chief dog whistler still accept a €100,000 EU salary?

Robot trading: when the dust settles the casualties will be revealed – with luck, just a few professional speculators, and owners of robots, who should have known better. Photograph: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg The great stock market sell-off: have the robots run amok?

Chris Johns: Algorithmic trading has played a role in recent market volatility

Abolishing single-sex schools would be a dramatic but incredibly superficial change that would ultimately fix absolutely nothing; a hamfisted amputation where microsurgery is needed Abolishing single-sex education would not end gender stereotyping

Talking is the key to solving every issue that affects the development of students

Katie Roiphe’s new essay in ‘Harper’s Magazine’, “The Other Whisper Network: How Twitter Feminism Is Bad for Women,” faults parts of the #MeToo movement for excessive hostility toward men, and for accepting all accusations at face value. Photograph: CBS News Why you should not be scared to criticise #MeToo

Social justice left’s critics can be just as unwilling to distinguish feeling silenced from actually being silenced

    Gig economy suits employers more than workers

Tightening labour market will produce better choices for casual employees

From 1963 onwards, the pill was imported into Ireland to keep menstrual anarchy at bay. This involved lying on a heroic scale. Photograph: Getty Images  Fintan O'Toole: Coveney would take us back to era of lying women

Having to make rape claim to access abortion services recipe for deceit and hypocrisy

It is just wrong-headed to expect that those who have firm pro-life, anti-abortion convictions will simply exit the stage of public debate and advocacy. They will not be silenced; they will no more beat a genteel retreat than will their fellow-citizens on the other side of the issue. Photograph: Alan Betson Abortion on request will follow shortly after repeal of amendment

It’s hard to see how anyone can really believe 12 weeks is line in sand

The remains of a ship that could be the ‘Clotilda’ in Mobile County, Alabama. File photograph: Ben Raines/ via AP The wreck of the last slave ship underscores America’s original sin

The ‘Clotilda’ carried 110 slaves from West Africa to Alabama on the eve of the civil war

 Theresa May is the stuffed remnant of a once-optimistic prime minister, helpless in the midst of anarchic cacophony. Photograph: Hannah Mckay/Reuters Matthew d’Ancona: Theresa May has to resign to force a Brexit rethink

She is said to be the only senior Tory who could preside over the talks. The trouble is, she’s making Britain an international joke

The spiral staircase at the Vatican. ‘The Vatican is undercutting all of those poor commentators who were hoping to gain some social currency in pretending to be marginalised.’ Una Mullally: Vatican’s Mary McAleese ban is the act of a ‘snowflake’

The bizarre row undercuts Catholic claims to victimhood and of a lack of free speech

'Delays for trauma patients may be the difference between life and death.' Photograph: Frank Miller Consolidating trauma centres will save Irish lives

The direct transfer of patients to specialist teams will also cut the risk of long-term disability

‘Young workers must accept their fate relies on co-operation. If you accept an unpaid internship, you undercut your generation.’ Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire Gig economy is the mass exploitation of millennials

The system deprives a generation of income, homes and security. It must be stopped

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