Lieberman may just the man of consequence Israel needs right now. GALI TIBBON/AFP/Getty Images Why we should stop worrying and learn to love Israel’s new defence minister

Avigdor Lieberman’s ideas are rooted in hard-nosed realism, not ideology or ethnic particularism

Gardaí  at Avondale House,  Cumberland Street, Dublin, after the fatal shooting of Gareth Hutch this week. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times Use of ‘gangland’ terminology an admission of defeat

Fear of retribution is insidious, but communities need leadership as killings continue

Part of  O’Devaney Gardens in Dublin, photographed in 2008 through broken glass on a stairwell at the blocks of apartments off the North Circular Road. File photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times O’Devaney Gardens: ‘Trying to find ways to help my community in crisis’

This was emailed to the ‘Ryan Tubridy Show’. The author wishes to remain anonymous

The bullet-riddled minibus which had been transporting the 11 Protestant workers who were gunned down as they lined up alongside the vehicle Noel Whelan: Forty years on Kingsmill still casts a shadow

Nobody has ever been brought to justice for the Kingsmill killings and the families of the dead have run a long campaign to have the inquest reopened.

All institutions, including colleges, need to take the level of sexual harassment amongst young people, even at the level of catcalling, more seriously, argues Anna Joyce. Photograph: Reuters What I learned about sex at my Irish university

UCD 200 scandal may be a hoax but sexual harassment is endemic on Irish campuses

Insurance industry misleading public over reasons for higher premiums

Data from Courts Service and Injuries Board show legal fees have fallen

Grangegorman Military Cemetery in Dublin. There are 613 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war including soldiers killed during the Rising Charlie Flanagan: We must acknowledge British soldiers killed in the Rising

Republic owes it itself to engage with history in all of its complexity and nuance

Jeremy Corbyn: Unionists are blinded  to how deeply Corbyn and McDonnell’s lifelong worldview is tied up with breaking the union. Steve Parsons/PA Wire Newton Emerson: Corbyn a bigger threat to the union than Brexit

Conservative Party looks set for civil war clearing a path to Downing Street for the Labour leader

It was Maggie and her implacable ideology who made refusing to do a U-turn the ultimate test of political virility: “You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning.”  Photograph:  PA Kathy Sheridan: Let’s hear it for the political U-turn

Why has changing your mind received such a bad rap? Some blame Margaret Thatcher

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks during his Likud party meeting at the Knesset in Jerusalem on May 23rd, 2016. Photograph: AFP/Getty Uri Avnery: Israeli politics bears comparison with end of Weimar Germany and rise of fascism

Racist bills in the Knesset strongly resemble laws adopted by the Reichstag in the early days of the Nazi regime

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association convention, Friday, May 20th, 2016, in Louisville, Kentucky. Photograph: Mark Humphrey Fintan O’Toole: Why voters may buy the Trump fantasy

White House hopeful offers white working class magical thinking and chance to get even

People turn to the Church in times of grief and mourning, and it does not fail those who do so but its ministers often feel hurt that it is only at these times that their dedication is understood Rite&Reason: a compassionate church can never be doomed

In the eyes of many it has reached its ‘sell-by-date’

Opinion: Tax on fizzy drinks will not deflate obesity problem

No evidence to show that politically popular move will reduce sugar intake among people

Even at a basic financial level – which is how you have to talk to Fine Gael – why won’t the Government prioritise the capital, when Dublin is the driving force of the economy? File photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times Una Mullally: Why two Gaeltacht Ministers but no minister for Dublin?

With a directly elected mayor scuppered for now, there’s a feeling no one is in charge of the city

Arlene Foster and DUP colleagues speak to the media outside Parliament Buildings in Stormont, Belfast, as parties begin talks to form a new government following the assembly elections. Photograph: Press Association DUP’s stance on marriage, abortion may woo Catholic voters

As Northern Ireland politics normalise parties cannot rely on traditional vote-bank

The Republic of Ireland is one of those countries where a combination of private health insurance payments, “out-of-pocket” health spending and GP costs make up a significant amount of overall health expenditure. File photograph: Dylan Vaughan Where is evidence that we are over-spending on health?

On relatively simple comparison of total spending, Republic not much different to similar EU countries

John McManus: What Moody’s A rating really tells us about the new politics

Little concern that a resurgent Dáil will be allowed stray too far from the economic status quo

Finian McGrath was perfectly entitled to articulate the plight of Irish smokers, who are, as he points out, a very sizeable minority – roughly 20 per cent of the population. Photograph: Alan Betson Diarmaid Ferriter: Finian McGrath smokes out the puritans

Must he prostrate himself before those who imply there is an onus on him to kick the habit?

A propaganda poster during the cultural revolution is displayed at the Propaganda Art Museum in Shanghai, China, May 17 2016. The Propaganda Art Museum in Shanghai collect reproductions and original pieces of propaganda posters during the Cultural Revolutions. Photograph: Raul Ariano/NurPhoto via Getty Images Unmarked anniversaries cast shadow over China and Middle East

World View: Cultural Revolution and Sykes-Picot pact retain a grip on the present

The roles of an academic subject teacher and a guidance counsellor are very different, and trying to move from one role to another very rapidly is causing some guidance counsellors to burn out. Breda O’Brien: Cuts in the number of Guidance counsellors hit the poor hardest

Richard Bruton’s plan sounds like fudge that will not translate into what young people need

DUP Leader Arlene Foster claims she won the election but she only brought her base out – more unionists voted for her unionists than voted for other unionist candidates. Photograph Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker Press Pól Ó Muirí: Why Catholics just won’t vote unionist

It is odd that after years of enlightened unionism so few Catholics see its benefits

 Brendnan Howlin and Alan Kelly with Sean Sherlock. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES Stephen Collins: Labours choice of Howlin reflects fear of quick election

Dissapointing week for some Government back benchers and Alan Kelly

Object in foreground by Grayson Perry. The artist has been inspired by the City of London’s bankers and traders to create a huge glazed ceramic penis. Cocks of the walk: ode to Grayson Perry’s urn for bankers

“It is stating the bleeding obvious,” said Perry. “But that’s kind of what needs stating.

James Nesbitt as a convincingly sinister Howell, and Genevieve O’Reilly as the passive yet quietly duplicitous Hazel in the  dramatisation of the 1991 murders of Lesley Howell and Trevor Buchanan in Coleraine, Co Derry. The Secret: Coleraine murder drama causes hurt but ultimately does good

The daughter of Lesley Howell says the the show has re-awakened her original trauma

‘At least a further 15% of UK exports to Ireland are really exports from the rest of the world.’ Photograph: EPA Brexit debate obscured by misleading statistics

Trade figures may greatly exagerate the impact on Ireland of the UK leaving the EU

File photograph of Feargal Quinn. Feargal Quinn: Opposition must resist temptation of populist measures

Representatives have a responsibility to promote legislation which is credible and constitutional

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny and Fianna Fáil leader  Micheál Martin. File photograph: Maxpix/Julien Behal Noel Whelan: Half a year of government has been lost

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have set a slow pace for the new parliament

Cooking, we’re told, at its highest level, the bit that’s important, the bit that’s about impressing and innovating, is apparently a man’s job. Una Mullally: Cooking should be woman’s work

Why can’t women excel in kitchens when the world designs itself around keeping women in them?

“Whereas we have legally enshrined the right of people not to be judged on race, gender, sexuality, faith, age and disability, can we really legislate against what is known as ‘lookism’ – the last great ‘ism’ of our times?” Brian Boyd: High heels and the curse of the beautiful people

Studies show physical appearance has a lot to do with our financial and societal value

Nesbitt had been forced by disappointing poll results to take a last desperate gamble, with no better plan than disrupting the environment and hoping for more favourable conditions.  Photographer Matt Mackey - Newton Emerson: Something is stirring in Stormont

Mike Nesbitt’s decision to take the UUP into official opposition has put pressure on the SDLP and Alliance to follow

Sgt Maurice McCabe: Efforts to impugn his integrity or motivation have been unfair and might have destroyed a less careful man .Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES Colum Kenny: Reputation of the Garda at stake in O’Higgins report

The report invites many questions about how the force goes about its business

Weekend Review August 2015. Collection of charity collection boxes. Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Opinion: Shining a light on Ireland’s charities

We need a better understanding of a sector that turns over more than €7bn annually, about half of that coming from government

 Independent TD’s  Noel Grealish, Denis Naughten,Mattie McGrath,Michael Harty, Michael Collins. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins Kathy Sheridan: Meet the new Dáil, same as the old Dáil

This is how the brave new project begins - with the customary bellows of faux-outrage and a whimper?

The great majority of young men and women remanded to Irish prisons while actively unwell with diagnoses of severe and enduring mental illnesses  have fallen through the net of a public mental health system which is not designed to meet their needs.  09/12/2015 - NEWS / Archive File photo of interior of cell in D Wing Mountjoy Prison . Keywords: crime solitary confinement lockdown lock down criminalPhotograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times Opinion: Prisons now a dumping ground for mentally ill young men

We have amongst the lowest number of secure psychiatric beds per head of population in Europe

A new entrant staff nurse will earn €129,000 less over 40 years. Seven myths about the public sector pay differential

This is not just a pay issue, this is an equality issue. People have been systematically marked as worth less than colleagues who do the same work

It was Time Magazine’s cover rather than the very substantial article itself that attracted most of the ire back in 1966. Rite & Reason: Is God dead yet?

Still no answer to the question posed by ‘Time’ magazine 50 years ago

“If you mention inheritance tax in print, as I have done in the past, you will be bombarded with sob stories about the current oppressive regime and about adult children being thrown out of the family home because they have to sell the house to pay the tax when their parent dies. Some of these stories are complete nonsense.” File photograph: John Giles/PA Wire Fintan O’Toole: A huge tax break for comfortable people

The Government has shown its true colours with its cynical inheritance tax stunt

Enda Kenny: Three crucial areas could decide this Government’s fate: not housing, health and water, but the role of the Dáil, transparency and accountability and Independent Ministers. Photograph: Alan Betson Kenny has a chance to leave a legacy of Dáil reform

With Fine Gael lacking an overall majority, the role of the Dáil may change

Celebrations in the courtyard at Dublin Castle following the same-sex marriage referendum result. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times Una Mullally: Politicians use same-sex marriage shield to deflect abortion fire

Eighth Amendment is being kicked into touch in the same manner as marriage equality

An aerial view of Dublin city. File photograph: Frank Miller Frank McDonald: Dublin’s character is threatened by high-rise plans

Councillors should oppose a city project that would put the capital’s human scale at risk

The people’s event celebrating the 100th anniversary of  1916 Rising.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw Philip Pettit: The republican image of freedom offers a moral compass for our country

In order to enjoy democratic freedom, the people of a republic should share equally in imposing community standards on government

Photograph: David Sleator Fintan O’Toole: O’Higgins report raises troubling questions

The report concludes with the deeply depressing words: “the commission considers that the institution of any disciplinary proceedings, which might conceivably arise out of its findings, would not be helpful”

 ‘We seem to have lost our islands a long time ago; did they finally sink?’  Above,  Inishbofin Island, Co Galway. Photograph: Frank Miiller Diarmaid Ferriter: We have lost our heritage along with the islands

One Inishbofin fisherman’s battle is relevant in Brexit debate

Naomi Klein: the commitment to perpetual growth is incompatible with planetary limits. Photograph: Getty Images Naomi Klein argues climate change is a battle between capitalism and the planet

Paul Gillespie: ‘These are big, bold and challenging ideas with a significant and informed following in Ireland’

Like it or not: “This giant company [Facebook] is now the major source of news for many people.” Photograph: Getty Images Breda O’Brien: Facebook may be liberal, but its gospel is consumerism

Hundreds of millions are being influenced by this hugely powerful company

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