"Listen" is a new way to enjoy the very best journalism from The Irish Times. If you like to listen rather than read, you can now access all of our podcasts as well as a wide selection of audio articles every day from The Irish Times.

Your Time

"Listen" allows you to keep up to speed with the news, catch up with our award-winning podcasts or immerse yourself in an opinion column or feature article.

On the Move

Whether you’re on the commute, at the gym or relaxing at home, "Listen" brings The Irish Times to you in a few easy steps.

In Control

Play, pause, go back or forward – whatever suits you.

How to access "Listen"

Visit www.irishtimes.com on your smartphone and tap on the "Listen" icon on the bottom right-hand side. This brings you to the "Listen" section where you will find all our audio in one place.

Browse down the page and swipe the content left and right to reveal more. Select an item to listen to, minimise the player and continue to browse in "Listen".

Your selected audio will continue to play when you lock your phone or open another app.

Alternatively, you can access "Listen" from within an article. If you see the "Listen" button just under the headline, it means that article has an audio version available.

Simply tap this button and you will be brought to "Listen". You can then continue to read the article along with the audio or lock your phone and "Listen".

For more Irish Times listening opportunities, check out How to Listen

Who is reading the articles?

Our podcasts are presented by Irish Times journalists and "Listen" creates an easier way to access these podcasts in one place.

A selection of articles will be read daily by voice actors and on occasion by the authors. Some of the main stories of the day will be made available using automated voices which, as this technology evolves, are increasingly difficult to distinguish from human voices.

What do you think?

Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to work on developing and improving "Listen" and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Tell us what you like about "Listen", but also tell us if there are aspects of it you don’t like, what you think could be improved or if there is something missing that you would really like to see. 

Email us at:   listen@irishtimes.com

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