Humans of Yamamori: the Japanese restaurants that truly put people first  Derek and Graham Ryan, with their colleague Philomena Morgan

It’s almost 25 years since Yamamori first put Japanese food on Dublin’s menu. For its loyal staff and customers the restaurant group is so much more than a business

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Farmer (74) jailed for shooting man and dog as part of land feud A farmer has been given a partially suspended sentence for shooting a man and his dog as part of a feud over a right of way in Co Limerick.

Ted O’Donoghue involved in dispute over Co Limerick right of way for ‘40 years’, court told

How do I protect my Christmas tree from my one-year-old? And vice-versa? “One evolutionary zealot told me to let my little girl pull the tree down to teach her not to mess with it again” Photograph: iStock

Conor Pope: I took to Twitter for advice: the consensus was my tree was doomed

AI takes centre stage in development of future customer service roles Microsoft

New research suggests 93 per cent of organisations plan to use artificial intelligence as part of future customer service activities

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