Healthy Town: 50 ways for all the family to get a little healthier Any cleaning, tidying or gardening activity helps to burn energy. Photograph: iStock

The 2018 Pfizer Healthy Town initiative is on a mission to improve health in Wexford Town. Here are 50 simple ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life

Sponsored by Pfizer
California passes balcony inspections law in response to Berkeley tragedy Men place candles during a candlelight vigil for the victims of the Berkeley balcony collapse in Berkeley, California in 2015. Photograph: Reuters

Governor signs Bill that requires external decks to be examined by January 2025

Russian plane downed in ‘accidental circumstances’, Putin says A Russian IL-20M (Ilyushin 20m) plane. Russia blamed Israel on Tuesday for the loss of a military IL-20M jet to Syrian fire, killing all 15 servicemen on board. Photograph: Nikita Shchyukin/AFP/Getty Images

President appears to defuse tensions with Israel after 15 servicemen killed over Syria

Every brain in the game: why strategy execution is crucial to Irish business Dr Trish Gorman

Strategist and author Dr Trish Gorman on why Irish business needs to prepare for constant evolution of their business strategy