Total doses given % of population (18+)
3,434,053 61.3%
Easy ways to achieve more downtime at home An easy win to get more time for self-care is to cut down on time spent cleaning your home. Photograph: Getty Images

Let the new Dyson Omni-glide give you back time for the things you love. Thanks to its manoeuravble design, it’s perfect for quick “in between” cleans on the go

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Ireland’s house prices can go down, as well as up There are several forces coming that will cool the current level of price growth.

Covid-driven uplift in prices here is modest by international standards and won't last

Man dies after truck hits spectators at Florida Pride parade Police investigate  scene where a pickup truck drove into a crowd of people. Photograph: Jason Koerner/Getty

Mayor said driver of pick-up suddenly accelerated when told he was next to parade

Cork, the fillet of Munster, and the world English Market, Cork, steeped in history and famed for its fresh meat, fish, vegetables and craft products. 	Picture: Denis Scannell

Comedian Colm O’Regan, a Cork expat, reflects on the great things he has left behind in the self-ordained capital of the south

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