Troubles 50

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‘This is Paisley the insurrectionary rabble-rouser, Paisley the sinister ideologue’

When you’re making a series of programmes about one of the most complicated and violently contested periods of the recent past, it’s important to trea(...)

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Gerry Adams (above) and Martin McGuinness began driving forward the policy of the Armalite and the ballot box. Photograph: Pat Langan

The difference between the politics of a quarter of a century and a half a century ago in Northern Ireland is that in 1969, there was a single-party u(...)


On the Shankill Road in Belfast, the streets still lie strewn with the red, white and blue bunting from the Twelfth of July festivities. A gaggle of (...)

 The Enniskillen bombing, in Co Fermanagh killed 11 people in 1987. A 2011 study by Ulster University found that Northern Ireland has the highest recorded rate of post-traumatic stress disorder of any studied country in the world. Photograph: PA

The impact of the Troubles on the mental health of those who lived through it was often less visible or understood during the conflict than the more o(...)

Veterans attend a parade in Lisburn at a memorial event organised by the Northern Ireland Veterans Association on Saturday to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of Operation Banner, the arrival of British troops onto the streets of Northern Ireland, in 1969. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty

Thousands of people have gathered at a commemorative event in Lisburn to mark the 50th anniversary of British troops being deployed in Northern Irelan(...)

Zara Ferguson holding a photograph of her late uncle Alan, killed by the IRA in 1978. Photograph: Ronan McGrade/Pacemaker Press

The generation of children born in Northern Ireland in the 1990s was heralded as the first of a new era. They were either born after the Belfast Agree(...)

Irish-language protesters dressed in crocodile costumes. Photograph: Justin Kernoghan

Fifty years ago Northern Ireland was facing into an uncertain future with no notion of the horror ahead. Today there is no doubt the North is facing i(...)

How The Irish Times reported on the day’s events the following morning.
On this day 50 years ago: ...

Belfast remains on the brink of full-scale civil war. There is an official information vacuum and it has been filled by rumours, which swirl through t(...)

Malachi O’Doherty: ‘It was a time when rock music, dancing and girls was all becoming available.’ Photograph: Ronan McGreevy

Malachi O’Doherty - Author, journalist and broadcaster I was 18 in August 1969. It was the summer holidays. My brother was out on the street campaig(...)

Jack Lynch: such was the taoiseach’s condition that he was brought whiskey to steady his nerves

When Fianna Fáil returned to office in June 1969 it would be the last election for three decades in which violence in Northern Ireland would not form (...)

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