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Graduate programmes can help graduates develop key business skills.

IMI The Irish Management Institute (IMI) graduate development programme is different to others in that it is delivered on a consortium basis to a lim(...)

The world of work has transformed over the last six months. What were once reasonable expectations of the job market have now been thrown askew. We as(...)

Extended periods of working from home are likely until a Covid-19 vaccine is found.

Sitting at a computer and filling out job application after job application can be a little soul-destroying, especially at a time when fewer roles ar(...)

Candidates can apply for Fulbright scholarships to undertake Masters degrees, PhDs, or part of their PhD programmes. File photograph: Getty

Accenture This year Accenture has moved to go fully virtual with a four-stage recruitment process, leveraging leading virtual assessment platforms to(...)

Following the lockdown in March, Ireland quickly moved from a short-term emergency response approach to the coronavirus pandemic to a medium-term app(...)

Fionn Rogan: What attracted me to the Central Bank of Ireland was ’Public Service’

What did you study and when did you graduate? In 2016, I left Trinity with a BA in English Literature & History - so after four years I was fluen(...)

Be positive – there are opportunities out there. Photograph: iStock

Things changed fast. At the start of the year, students reasonably expected to graduate into a world full of job opportunities. But then coronavirus h(...)

Conor Quinn: “In 2018, I became aware of the Fulbright programme and its availability to not only academics, but also professionals.”

What did you study and when did you graduate? Following completion of my second level education in Wesley College, Dublin, I studied for a BSc in Com(...)

Siofra Martin: “It is essential, to plan your time to ensure you have allowed for some down time during the evenings and at the weekends.”

What did you study and when did you graduate? I studied BESS in Trinity college and graduated in 2018. What attracted you to your current role? I c(...)

Meena Khatri: ‘Being able to speak about the services the company offers shows that you are keen to join and have done your research’

What did you study and when did you graduate? I obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Maynooth University in 2016 and a master’(...)

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