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Galicia regional president and the up-coming president of the Popular Party Alberto Nunez Feijoo (centre), future Popular Party general secretary Cuca Gamarra (left) and Malaga regional president and next Popular Party general coordinator Elias Bendodo during the 20th Popular Party National Congress held in Seville, Spain. Photograph: Julio Munoz/EPA

In mid-March, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who has just been voted in as the leader of Spain’s conservative Popular Party (PP), gave a speech in a theatre i(...)

Madrid president Isabel Díaz Ayuso with her Popular Party leader Pablo Casado in January. She has accused Casado of waging a campaign to ‘destroy’ her. Photograph: Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto

A dispute between rival factions of Spain’s main opposition party over corruption allegations has thrown it into disarray, threatening to derail its h(...)

Pupils and teachers  at Vedruna Angels School in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona return to school in September 2020 after a coronavirus lockdown. Photograph: Lorena Ros/Getty Images

A dispute over the use of the Spanish language in schools has put the government of Catalonia at loggerheads with the judiciary and drawn calls for di(...)

Carme  Forcadell, the former speaker of the Catalan parliament, who has been jailed for over 11 years for sedition, casts her ballot in the Catalan regional election on December 21st, 2017. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP via Getty Images

On Monday, Spain’s supreme court announced its verdict in the landmark trial of 12 Catalan leaders accused of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public(...)

According to myth, the Milesians from Galicia sailed to Ireland after their leader Breogán built a tower based on the Roman tower of Hercules which still stands in A Coruña.

Spain’s most read newspaper, Marca, usually preoccupies itself with the comings and goings of the country’s largest football clubs especially Real and(...)

Popular Party candidate Pablo Casado greets a group of supporters during his visit to Pamplona, Spain, during the electoral campaign. Photograph: Inaki Porto/EPA

Earlier this year, while addressing members of his conservative Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado made headlines when he broached the issue of abortion(...)

Spanish prime minister and Socialist Party candidate Pedro Sanchez delivers a speech during an election rally in Alicante, Spain on April 20th. Photograph: Juan Carlos Cardenas/EPA

Spain is rightly proud of its historic and dramatic Holy Week processions which have deep significance for the country’s Catholic faithful and are pas(...)

Former Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy testifies during the trial of jailed Catalan separatist leaders at the supreme court in Madrid on Wednesday. Photograph: Reuters

Spain’s former prime minister Mariano Rajoy defended his handling of the Catalan territorial crisis when he appeared before the country’s supreme cour(...)

 Following the trial of Catalonian leaders on a screen in Barcelona, on Thursday. The trial is being held at the supreme court in Madrid. Photograph: Enric Fontcuberta/EPA

Nearly two weeks into the trial of 12 Catalan independence leaders in Spain’s supreme court, the question of whether defendants employed violent metho(...)

Protesters wave Spanish flags during a demonstration  in Madrid against the government of Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez. Photograph: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty Images

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Madrid on Sunday to protest against the government’s handling of the Catalan question, as Spain braced itself (...)

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