Germaine Greer

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From arts and media to politics and law, it’s the graduates of all-girls Catholic schools who are blazing a trail for independent women. Photograph: Marvin Recinos/ AFP/ Getty

The convent school prefect is having a moment. From arts and media to politics and law, it’s the graduates of all-girls Catholic schools who are blazi(...)

Clive James in Dublin promoting his autobiography Clive James – Always Unreliable in 2001. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Clive James, who has died at the age of 80, was one of his era’s great polymaths. (His near-contemporary Jonathan Miller, whose death was announced on(...)

Rose McGowan. Photograph: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty

Before I meet Rose McGowan, I spend a lot of time wondering which Rose McGowan I am going to meet.  The steely Rose McGowan who faced down her a(...)

Sir Roger Scruton believes heresy is central to understanding the erosion of free speech

A principal function of the university is to conduct rational enquiry in order to discover/create new knowledge. Rational enquiry is dependent on acad(...)

In The Whole Woman, Germaine Greer writes of surrogacy: “. . . if preparing a womb to harbour the progeny of strangers is morally acceptable to us, we(...)

Would it be acceptable if healthy women dealing with, say, body image concerns or employers who don’t want them to be off work, chose AWT as a substitute for a normal pregnancy? Photograph: iStock

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932), something odd is going on at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. The process is ectogenesi(...)

Carl Cederström photographed by Eva Dahlin/OR Books

“He covered my mouth with his hand and introduced his penis. I thought my last hour had arrived. I had the feeling my stomach was turning.” These are(...)

Germaine Greer: unignorable, still combative and leading the conversation. Photograph: BBC

Who said this: “An awful lot of husbands enact a diurnal crime on the body of their wives everyday”? And who said this, about 30 years later: “Most ra(...)

Edna O’Brien

The 2018 Hay Festival, in collaboration with The Pool, published this list of 100 books by women, including works by Iris Murdoch, Edna O’Brien, Maria(...)

Author Germaine Greer: “I can hear the feminists screaming at me, ‘you’re trivialising rape’ .” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Author and feminist academic Germaine Greer has called for the lowering of punishment for rape and said society should not see it as a “spectacularly (...)

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