Caroline Aherne: the greatest clips

From her roles on The Fast Show to acerbic interviewer Mrs Merton, the comedian had a memorable way with words

Caroline Aherne, writer of Royle Family, has died aged 52. Here are some of her most famous roles, in the Royle Family, and as the acid-tounged Mrs Merton. Video: BBC/Granada


Caroline Aherne created many memorable characters in her career, which has been cut short by cancer at the age of 52.

She rose to national attention through a series of roles on the BBC sketch programme The Fast Show. Her characters included Poula Fisch, the weather presenter whose temperatures were always “scorchio!”

Her overly friendly Checkout Girl was also much loved:

The Johnny Giles (rhyming slang for piles) skit:

One of her best-known lines resulted from Debbie McGee’s appearance on the Mrs Merton Show. Aherne’s first question was: “What first, Debbie, attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

When footballer George Best appeared on the spoof chat show, Aherne commended him for “all the marvellous football you played – and all the booze”.

Aherne also had a knack for bizarre guest combinations, putting Germaine Greer on the same sofa as Ant and Dec – then still known as PJ and Duncan from Byker Grove – and asking her: “Do you like young boys, Germaine?”

In this clip from The Royle Family Christmas special, Aherne’s character Denise introduces Nana Norma to the new baby.

“Who wants a leg?” is another memorable clip from another Christmas special.

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