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While there is a consensus that the tax base needs to be broadened, there is little agreement on how this should be done. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

It’s edifying to think that a wealth tax or a solidarity tax on the super-rich could raise revenue for investment in public services. But it won’t. A (...)

Flowers with condolence messages are placed outside Windsor Castle following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Photograph: Andy Rain/ EPA

Boris Johnson has led tributes to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, following his death on Friday aged 99 as Britain enters a week of mourning ahe(...)

US president Joe Biden during his first press briefing at  the White House in Washington on March 25th. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

US president Joe Biden was a special guest at a gathering of the leaders of the EU on Thursday in a sign of a fresh start in the transatlantic allianc(...)

Raised amid humble circumstances in Baltimore, Zappa became interested in doo-wop, R&B, the avant garde experiments of Edgard Varèse

Much as I am opposed to wielding the vertical pronoun in reviews (that’s one used already), it is proper that, when discussing a documentary on a musi(...)

More worrying for the long-term future legitimacy of the US electoral process is Donald Trump’s success in undermining public faith in voting. File photograph: Getty

The firm rejection on Friday by the US Supreme Court of Texas’s attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s election and Monday’s confirmatory vote in the elector(...)

Joe Biden appears certain to win the popular vote by at least three percentage points and take the college.

Quaint and eccentric it may be, but the US electoral college is in truth a stain on America’s democratic credentials. And, wthout it, we would all be (...)

Bears are going into the winter skinnier and in poorer condition. They are also smaller.

‘Caribou are who we are,” Sara James told me. “Our food, our dance, our clothing, our shelter. We are part of the caribou from time immemorial. We alw(...)

Ireland’s Cian O’Connor and Waterford Crystal celebrate winning the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. Photograph: Patrick Bolger/Inpho

On the morning of the individual showjumping competition at the 2012 Olympics, Cian O’Connor got out of bed at six o’clock and took his competition wh(...)

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has acknowledged that we can borrow very cheaply to spend more now, but at some stage the cost of borrowing could rise, potentially quite suddenly and significantly. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

The nine scariest words in the English language, former US president Ronald Reagan declared in 1986, were: “I’m from the government and I’m here to he(...)

  Danny Healy-Rae   retained his seat in Kerry. He is pictured with his brother Michael, family and supporters at the Kerry count centre in Killarney. Photograph: Don MacMonagle

There has been a seismic shift, an historic breakthrough, a transformational change in this general election. And, that’s just Danny Healy Rae’s bela(...)

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