Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘If your best image of an intelligent alien visiting from outer space is monochromatic, out of focus and hazy, then we have more work to do.’

The communication of science is now arguably more important than ever, gaining a resurgence in appreciation since the beginning of the pandemic, and r(...)

Psychologist Bob Altemeyer, of the University of Manitoba, studied right-wing authoritarianism

Authoritarians favour strict obedience to authority and government by elites wielding wide-ranging powers. Authoritarianism has been studied in depth (...)

Val Cummins of Simply Blue Energy: Irish politicians must begin backing floating wind now to ensure  its potential is unlocked over the next decade. Photograph: John Allen

Val Cummins is probably the only person in Irish corporate life who has dissected 3,000 edible periwinkles. She studied – not ate – the creatures duri(...)

Prize Dogs at the Dublin Dog Show, an image of the first dog show in 1864, from the Illustrated London News. Image courtesy of the Board of Trinity College Dublin

In the spring of 1864, Dubliners gathered at a new entertainment. They paid one shilling to enter an inauspicious wooden building behind the Rotunda H(...)

Interior of a peasant family’s hut during the Great Famine, 1845-1849.  Illustration from The Life and Times of Queen Victoria, by Robert Wilson. Photograph:  The Print Collector/Getty Images

‘Are not all manly appeals lost upon on a scoundrel who lives with his pig, like his pig; and every but the way he should live – ON his pig.” So wrot(...)

Spongeware printed ‘basins’ and horn spoons hung in eye-level slots, as was traditional up to the early 20th century, on a County Cork dresser. Photograph: M Duerden

We can gather a lot from our rural Irish ancestors, such as how to furnish our homes economically and sustainably while saving space in bright, colour(...)

English social geographer Danny Dorling says we are already experiencing a slowdown in terms of population, fertility and even GDP. Photograph:  Simone Padovani/ Awakening/Getty Images

You’d think that there couldn’t be a better time to write a book about the benefits of slowing down but the great irony of Danny Dorling’s new book, S(...)

Author Niamh Campbell: The quality of her  writing in This Happy is top notch.

“Life does not have a narrative. This is only a way of choosing to see and usually for sinister purposes. To explain oneself and give substance to the(...)

John Thomond O’Brien: known as Don Juan O’Brien, he was an honoured veteran of the South American wars  of independence

The Isla del Sol, or Island of the Sun, on Lake Titicaca is one of the most important sites in Inca mythology. It lies almost 4,000 metres above sea(...)

Telephone operator with protective gauze during the 1918-1919 flu epidemic:  a great many were affected.

Priests visiting the sick and dying are effectively frontline workers in epidemics, and are more likely to catch the disease and even die themselves. (...)

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