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Vacant former social housing in a small flats complex  off Townsend Street in Dublin. Photograph: Frank Miller

There’s a notion that should be instantly dispatched to the annals of wishful thinking: that the Government will, one of these days, do something sign(...)

Sophie Taylor: ‘I was angry, not so much that I lost that amount of money, more that I just felt humiliated.’ Photograph: Dave Meehan

The current rental market is “terrible” for anyone on a low income, says Sophie Taylor (19), a student searching for accommodation in Dublin. She wo(...)

Prospective tenants queue at a house viewing. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The rental crisis has left one desperate tenant in search of a home facing the loss of a job offer, another contemplating emigration and a third close(...)

Sophie Taylor (19) was the victim of a rental scam in Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan

A 19-year-old student who lost €600 when she paid a deposit on a rental property in Dublin city centre which was never actually available has since di(...)

While the most common reason landlords gave for termination of lease was sale of the property (41%), followed by the fact that they or family were moving in (19%), a new reason was “renovations” (12.5%)

Landlords in “rent-pressure zones” (RPZs) – where rents may increase only by up to 4 per cent a year – are “getting around” legislation by describing (...)

Kate Stapleton, a final-year student at University College Cork. She says students face an acute shortage of rental accommodation. Rooms that are available are at sky-high prices or of  poor quality.

There was no photo on the website. When I got there, the four-bed house needed a good going over with a hoover and a couple of litres of Dettol . Th(...)

There’s always something distasteful about an advertising campaign capitalising on a grim reality, as Bank Of Ireland found out this week with an ad a(...)

A technology analyst has been staying in homeless shelters while he waits to get paid. ‘The smell is putrid. I always bring an extra tracksuit top and wrap the arm around my eyes and nose.’

SORCHA POLLAK Each night at 10.30pm John* packs up his belongings in work and calls the homeless services freephone number. There’s no point in cal(...)

Getting a return on rental property is difficult unless you bought at post-crash prices or are an institutional investor

Q Five years ago I let a three-bed house to a single occupant at a reduced rent in recognition of the wear and tear on the upmarket furniture and fitt(...)

Bank of Ireland has come under criticism for advising young people to move back in with their parents to save for a mortgage. A tweet promoting the a(...)

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