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The final section of St Declan’s Way on   the pilgrim’s journey to Mt Melleray Abbey.

Who was the first Christian missionary to Ireland? St Patrick? Unlikely, for it is almost inconceivable that our national apostle arrived to an island(...)

Hill walkers in the autumn sunshine, on top of the Sugarloaf mountain, in Co. Wicklow. File Photograph: Eric Luke

Spending time outdoors is quite simply good for you. Several research papers now point to the physical and psychological benefits of being out in the (...)

Some think seagulls are ‘evil’ and support a widespread cull, but many others have an affection for the birds. Photograph: Getty

I’m strolling along the pier at Howth when she swoops. “Watch out for them seagulls,” the woman says, pointing at my sandwich. “Vicious little dinosau(...)

World Ocean Day, Fanore Strand by Sabine Springer

What do you think of when you think of the Burren? The odds are that you think of dramatically hump-backed ridges and terraces of bare limestone. And (...)

Hens  roaming in a garden. “When you first get rescue hens you think they all look the same, but over the course of a few hours even you get to know them as individuals”

“You’ll have to try snuggling a chicken,” says Nelly. “You’ll see what all the fuss is about.” A few months ago Nelly took in four egg-laying hens t(...)

Fairview Park Dublin: the park was established on a former landfill site.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Standing on the highest point of the former Kinsale Road landfill site in Cork, you can see right around the city – to the spires of St Mary’s Cathedr(...)

 Pollardstown Fen is on the only peatland protected in Co Kildare. Photograph: Catherine O’Connell/IPCC

It’s the silence that hits me first, then the gentle span of straw coloured reeds spreading out into the distance. Soon, I notice the water gurgling f(...)

Researchers in the United States showed that dandelions and white clover on lawns supported 37 species of bee.

The interest in planting native flowers, shrubs and trees among gardeners, tidy town groups and managers of public parks has bloomed in the last few y(...)

A woodland in late winter may seem a dreary place, almost by definition. And compared to the delight of seeing the emerging succession of spring flowe(...)

The Eden Project  in Cornwall: the botanic garden’s   co-founder Tim Smit believes we can save ourselves and the natural world if only we would jump out of our comfort zones. Photograph:   Matt Cardy/Getty

Tim Smit, co-founder of the marvellous botanic gardens in Cornwall called the Eden Project, is the perfect antidote to the depressing statistics about(...)

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