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Amazon drivers wait  as their logistics systems was offline at an Amazon facility in California on Tuesday.  Amazon Web Services was suffering a major outage. Photograph: Damian Dovarganes/AP

It started early on Tuesday morning. Robot vacuums ceased sucking, wifi cameras stopped watching and eager Tinder daters were left unable to “swipe ri(...)

Developed by the Clancourt Group, One Park Place occupies a prominent location within Dublin’s central business district

While last October’s decision by Dropbox to become a “virtual-first company” as a result of Covid-19 opened up something of a gap in the Dublin office(...)

A worker collects an Amazon Prime customer order package:  Unions are one obvious and historically powerful way to unite and tackle large-scale worker grievances. Photograph: Thorsten Wagner/Bloomberg

The recent, failed union vote at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Bessemer, Alabama, will have been deeply disappointing to union activists. But it shou(...)

Many employers are exploring how to use technological surveillance to drive productivity and measure performance. Photograph: iStock

You can’t fault Amazon’s timing. In the middle of a global pandemic, the online retailer has launched a new workplace surveillance tool that could hel(...)

By April, 40 per cent of workers in the EU were teleworking full-time, according to the EU agency Eurofound.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to lead to permanent changes in the way our lives are structured. The issue is the subject of an interesting new pa(...)

Photograph: iStock

Lenovo Group, the world’s biggest PC maker, smashed expectations with a 31 per cent leap in first-quarter net profit, as the coronavirus pandemic spur(...)

‘Managers need to be even more aware of potential burnout among their teams, and help individuals to set better boundaries before it becomes an issue.’

The Covid pandemic moved the concept of remote working from something that used to require “air quotes” to something very real indeed. In many cases g(...)

A number of Irish organisations are using RPA to automate what are often mundate tasks

A Romanian robotic software company has teamed up with the Mater Hospital in Dublin to free up nurses from time-consuming admin work so they can conce(...)

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker: Alexa was one development no one predicted in 2009.

Imagine life without the iPad or Alexa, without virtual reality headsets, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok, without self-driving cars on the streets or c(...)

Clancourt’s Park Place in Dublin occupies a prime location on Hatch Street overlooking the Iveagh Gardens.

While KPMG is engaged in a citywide search for a new headquarters to accommodate the relocation of its 2,500-strong workforce in 2026, the Clancourt G(...)

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