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Messagebird employs nearly 250 employees with offices in Amsterdam, London, Hamburg, San Francisco, Shanghai and Sydney

Messagebird, a Dutch messaging company is to create 50 jobs in the Republic of Ireland over the next two years with the opening of a new office in Dub(...)

UK consumer information organisation Which? warned of security vulnerabilities in the Furby Connect toy.

Smart toys such as Furby Connect and My Friend Cayla have been making headlines over the past few years but for all the wrong reasons. UK consumer inf(...)

The biggest adopters of RPA currently include banks, insurance companies, utilities and telecommunications companies. Photograph: iStock

Revenue Commissioners has become the latest Irish organisation to turn to robotics to speed up mundane processes and free up staff to do more interest(...)

Cofounder Mohit Lad said the Dublin office would be a key hub

Network intelligence company ThousandEyes is opening a sales and services office in Dublin. The company has not specified exactly how many jobs the n(...)

ConsenSys says blockchain technology could transform the Irish financial services sector. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Traditional banks and insurance companies are facing extinction in the next decade due to increased digitisation in the financial services sector. Ac(...)

Most carmakers have tried to keep Google and Apple at arm’s length, hoping to keep control of such valuable data as a driver’s whereabouts, driving patterns, shopping preferences and infotainment use

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi are about to do what many carmakers have been trying to avoid: let Google into the dashboard. The French-Japanese auto(...)


A consultancy report on planned changes within the Garda would “inevitably” cause industrial relations unrest if released in an “uncontrolled manner”,(...)

Apple chief executive Tim Cook pictured at Wednesday’s  product launch event in Cupertino, California  Photograph: The New York Times

A year ago, Apple made a daring bet with the iPhone X: that customers would pay as much as $1,000 (€860) for a giant leap forward in smartphone techno(...)

Dr Patrick Kramer inserting an implant into Denis Canty, a director with McKesson, at the Cork Tech Summit earlier this month. Photograph: Gerard McCarthy

Most of us might blanch at the idea of having microchips implanted into our bodies, but it is likely to become an increasingly everyday phenomenon in (...)

Banana phone: Nokia’s new version of the 8110, the handset used in The Matrix

Has the smartphone peaked? It would be fair to assume that all is well on the souped-up-phone front given the volume of news and devices emerging from(...)

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