Micheál Martin, the ‘next taoiseach’ since 1998

Some say he is a ditherer, others a ruthless operator. We will soon find out who is right

More than two decades after he was described as ‘the next taoiseach’, Micheál Martin is finally poised to lead his BACK-FROM-THE-dead party into government. Some in Fianna Fáil say he’s a ditherer, others a ruthless operator. We’re about to find out who is right

A year or so into his tenure as education minister in Bertie Ahern’s first government, Micheál Martin was featured on the front cover of Magill magazine. The photo of Martin was topped with a halo around his head: the headline blared: “The next taoiseach?”

At the following cabinet meeting, his colleagues ribbed him mercilessly. One chortled as he warned him: “You’re f**ked now, boy.”

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