Charlie Hebdo

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The 16-year-old, Mila, who made remarks about Islam. Photograph: Quotidien

Until January 18th, Mila was an ordinary, 16-year-old French lycée student, with 9,000 followers on her Instagram account. That Saturday, the blonde, (...)

Place de la République: Small gathering leaves impression of  government turned in upon itself, under siege. Photograph: EPA

The Place de la République in northeastern Paris is near the scenes of almost all the jihadist attacks that blighted France last year. Since the Janua(...)

In the week Paris marked the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre Belfast also saw a small, welcome, not entirely unrelated, blow struck for free(...)

Financial director of   ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Eric Portheault with  cartoonist Laurent Sourisseau:    Sourisseau says he now lives in a haze of “fear, prudence and lucidity”. Photograph: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images

Circulation is up at Charlie Hebdo. So are the death threats. Nine months after French-born Islamists slaughtered 12 in an attack on the satirical mag(...)

Marine Le Pen spoke about freedom recently while calling for restrictions on religious freedom. Photograph: Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty

We all like to link we’re politically savvy and can spot propaganda a mile off. But are we just intercepting the obvious stuff – patriotic flag-wav(...)

The cyberattack on the Netherlands began at 10am local time on Tuesday and continued for at least seven hours, during which all the main government websites were out of action. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Netherlands became the first European country to have the vulnerability of its critical online infrastructure exposed this week when cyber atta(...)

 Saudi blogger Raef Badawi has had the second round of his public flogging postponed on medical grounds, Amnesty International said. Photograph: AFP PHOTO/FAMILY HO

Saudi Arabia plans to delay the public flogging of a rights activist on medical grounds for a second time, Amnesty International said, raising the po(...)

Labour Party MP David Lammy suggested some of the problems of disconnection within the British Muslim community are economic: “You don’t find many terrorists who have a mortgage and a good job,” he said. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

A Bangladeshi mini-cab driver took Labour’s David Lammy to Heathrow recently for an early flight. Recognising the Tottenham MP, the man became upset, (...)

Columnist Philippe Lançon, who recounted events in Libération. Photograph: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

Sigolène Vinson picked up a cake at a local boulangerie on her way to work that morning. It was Charlie Hebdo’s first day back after the New Year, and(...)

REFERENDUM PROMISED – Senators  Ivana Bacik and   Jillian van Turnhout, voting in 2013 as members of the Convention on the Constitution to repeal  the Constitutional prohibition on  blasphemy Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

The Charlie Hebdo murders, and the revulsion they evoked are salutary reminders of the vital importance of a free press in a democratic society. But n(...)

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