Last week’s reading is higher than 97 per cent of readings over the last three decades. Photograph: iStock

It’s often said markets take the stairs up and the elevator down. However, the opposite has been true in the recent rapid market ascent: the S&P 5(...)

US stocks have hit all-time highs every month this year but sentiment is not excessive. Photograph: Daniel Slim/AFP/Getty

Stocks sold off last week following hawkish comments from the Federal Reserve. Even before the sell-off, however, there were signs market sentiment wa(...)

Much of Pfizer’s gains in recent weeks are on foot of continued demand for its Covid-19 vaccine. Photograph: Angus Mordant/ Bloomberg

Pfizer shareholders are having a good year. The stock is up 23 per cent in 2021, with much of those gains coming in recent weeks on foot of continued (...)

Monday’s plunge was an obvious reminder that Covid risk has not gone away. Photograph: iStock

Markets can be fickle, as evidenced by recent price fluctuations. Talk of an inflation scare has dominated market commentary in 2021 but investors hav(...)

History suggests stocks can continue to gain, but a bumpier ride may be in store. File photograph: Getty Images

The first half of 2021 has been an unusually strong one for stocks. Is the second half likely to be trickier? Investors certainly have reason to be p(...)

You can be sceptical regarding the claims of bitcoin’s fervent believers, but at this stage it may be wise to give up ‘predicting imminent demise’. Photograph: Nicolas Tucat/AFP

Everyone knows bitcoin is a volatile beast, even if last week’s price action was especially crazed. Bitcoin plunged 30 per cent to $30,000 in early t(...)

CNN’s Fear and Greed index, a composite sentiment tool tracking multiple indicators, indicates investors are more fearful than greedy. Photograph: iStock

There have been signs of stock market euphoria in 2021 but sentiment seems to be cooling. Surveys are mixed right now. The mood remains “unambiguousl(...)

The New York Stock Exchange. Photograph: Eric Thayer/Bloomberg

Stocks dipped last week but the bulls remain in control. Even after the dip, notes Bespoke Investment, the S&P 500 remained almost 4 per cent abov(...)

Bitcoin may well be in a bubble, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get bubblier. Photograph: iStock

Three-quarters of fund managers think bitcoin is in a bubble, according to Bank of America’s latest fund manager survey. Is it? The bubble case is ea(...)

Photograph: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

“One of the hallmarks of a bull market is that corrections are swift and shallow,” notes Bespoke Investment, and “windows of opportunity” are “usually(...)

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