One match ban for Richie Hogan’s All-Ireland final red card

Hogan retains the option of appealing the suspension to Central Appeals Committee

Kilkenny’s Richie Hogan receives a red card from referee James Owens. Photograph: Ryan Byrne/Inpho

Kilkenny hurler Richie Hogan has been suspended for one match for the red card shown to him during August's All-Ireland hurling final.

Following their defeat to Tipperary, Kilkenny requested a hearing rather than accept the proposed ban by the GAA’s Competitions Control Committee. But in a statement released on Wednesday, and following a hearing on Monday night, the Central Hearings Committee upheld their decision.

Hogan retains the option of appealing the suspension to the CAC (Central Appeals Committee). But if he fails to turn the decision over, he will serve the ban for the county’s first league match of 2020.

In their statement, the CHC explained the ban was for: “behaving in any way which is dangerous to an opponent.” Leading to, “a one match suspension in the same code and at the same level, applicable to the next game in the combination of the national league/inter-county senior championship, even if the game occurs in the following year.”


In the 33rd minute of this year's hurling finale referee James Owens showed Hogan a straight red card after his elbow seemingly connected with the head of Cathal Barrett. The 2014 Hurler of the Year was coming in at pace, attempting to shoulder the isolated Tipperary defender over the sideline, but was a millisecond too late with his connection.

Since the final Hogan has spoken of his frustrations with the referee’s decision, one which had a big impact on the match:

“Somebody said to me yesterday that they were talking about an elbow. Any talk about an elbow there is absolutely crazy, my elbow does not connect with him at all – my shoulder absolutely does.

“They spoke about your arm not being down by your side. This is not Irish dancing. We have hurleys in our hands – how do we hold a 36-inch long hurley if your arm is not bent? My technique in shouldering was absolutely right – I just didn’t hit his shoulder.”

Eamon Donoghue

Eamon Donoghue

Eamon Donoghue is a former Irish Times journalist