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The Lexus RX 450hL SUV is 110mm longer than the standard RX, and the rear of the car has been redesigned  to give those third-row passengers more space

Fancy a slinky Lexus hybrid but need extra seats for the family? Well, Lexus Ireland has just answered your wishes, with the launch of the seven-seat (...)

The new Lexus ES: replacing the current GS, the new hybrid will arrive in Ireland towards the end of year

The saloon car market may be stagnant at present, with many buyers focussing on SUVs and crossovers, but there remains a strong cohort of buyers in th(...)

Expect something of a siege mentality at this week’s Geneva motor show, which opens to the media on Tuesday. The motor industry is facing an unprecede(...)

Steve Tormey: Toyota’s chief executive in Ireland expects its new finance arm to provide funds for the rapidly growing hybrid sector.

Toyota has become the latest car manufacturer to open a finance house in Ireland, following in the footsteps of Volkswagen, Renault and BMW. On Tuesda(...)

Steve Tormey: Toyota’s chief executive in Ireland expects its in-house finance to put it “in a very competitive position”. Photograph: Eric Luke

The car giant Toyota has introduced its own finance house to the Irish market, offering loans and finance deals on new and used vehicles through its d(...)

Until longer-range models arrive, and until there’s a proper network of  charging points, the old-school hybrid can still teach plugins and EVs a thing or two

Hybrids have been around for 20 years now. It was in 1997 that Toyota and Honda vied to get the first hybrid half-electric, half-petrol car on sale to(...)

Some 15 years ago, Lexus took its first step into the luxury coupe world and created the SC430. It was large, heavy, luxurious, not especially fast a(...)

Considering how old the basic design of the Lexus GS is (all of its competitors but for the Audi A6 are younger by far) it’s holding up pretty well. (...)

The new seven-seat Lexus RX - coming to Ireland next year

Lexus has broken with 15 years of five-seat tradition for the RX SUV model and will offer a seven-seat version late next year. The new seven-seater wi(...)

 Audi of America executive vice-president and chief operating officer Cian O’Brien: “The advantages of learning the business in a small market is that you have a much wider breath of knowledge across all aspects of the operation.” Photograph: Audi USA

Cian O’Brien left his job as director of Seat Ireland in 2014 to become head of sales operations at Audi UK, the brand’s fourth largest market after (...)

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