31: Lexus GS – one of the consistently satisfying big executive cars around

Top cars for 2018: Not that impressive on the tighter twisting roads, but as a cruiser this is top-class luxury


Considering how old the basic design of the Lexus GS is (all of its competitors but for the Audi A6 are younger by far) it’s holding up pretty well.

Lexus is taking a Porsche-like approach of constant, small updates and it’s working - even though you can have it only as a hybrid (well, bar the 477hp V8-engined GS-F anyway) the GS is one of the most consistently satisfying big executive cars around.

The GS300h is probably the sweet spot of the range, as the V6-engined GS450h might be rocketship fast, but it’s also pretty thirsty. The 300h, though, is exceptionally refined on a long journey, as economical as most equivalent 2.0-litre diesels, and has the sort of cabin quality, refinement, and comfort that normally comes with a Bentley badge on the lid.

The front seats alone are almost worth the price of the car. The big-screen infotainment system is a touch behind the best of the Germans, and it’s not as sharp to drive on a twisting road, but as an outside-lane hero, this is one of the very best.

Best model: GS300h Luxury

Prices start from: €54,450

Finance package from: €258

CO2 emissions: 106-145g/km

Sum-up: Silent, stylish, satisfying.