8: Lexus LC – Ferrari-style looks and Porsche-like handling spells success

Top cars for 2018: It’s been a long time coming but Lexus has delivered a winning coupé


Some 15 years ago, Lexus took its first step into the luxury coupe world and created the SC430. It was large, heavy, luxurious, not especially fast and utterly awful to drive. And ugly.

It’s taken a decade and a half, and the development of the amazing V10 LF-A supercar, for Lexus to recover, but the LC coupe is the result, and it’s been worth waiting for.

The LC has styling which could draw attention away from most Ferraris, yet it costs less than half as much. The 5.0-litre V8 is not as powerful as its German rivals, but it snarls, growls, and rumbles with greater aural clarity and it’s immensely enjoyable to drive.

The 500h Hybrid, with its 3.5-litre V6 and batteries, is a slightly acquired taste (the partly- CVT gearbox is rather odd) but has terrific chassis balance and who can argue with its low CO2 figure? The cabin is quite stunning, and built with the usual Lexus care and attention to detail.

The LC is, if nothing else, proof that Lexus now has the confidence to stand proud amidst the circling swarms of high-end Germanic competition.

Best model: LC500h Hybrid

Prices start from: €110,950

Finance package from: POA

CO2 emissions: 145-270g/km

Sum-up: A Lexus with Ferrari-like styling and Porsche-like handling? You’d better believe it.