Night falls in Berlin. Look upwards from Alexanderplatz Station towards the Fernsehturm – around which Prussian mists gather ominously – and you could(...)

Sandra Bullock in Gravity: ‘She is an amazing actress. She is precise and disciplined. To perform under these conditions is a miracle’

Lord, we’re sick of sequels. Heavens, we’re tired of remakes. We’ve had enough adaptations of comic books. It would be nice if somebody could direct a(...)

Sinéad Morrissey: “We cared about poverty, we cared about gay people, we were feminists”

Sinéad Morrissey has a piece of news that, the day we meet, is still subject to a media embargo and so is laced with the relish of a secret. She has b(...)

If Pixar is encountering a crisis then it is the sort of crisis most studios would savour. Monsters University, the company’s latest animation, is alr(...)

John Boyne is one of Ireland’s most popular writers. The author of 10 novels, translated into 45 languages, he shot to international fame with (...)

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