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This is an exciting time for home sensors and wearables designed to aid medical diagnostics. French digital health company Withings has announced its (...)

The Apple Watch  proves useful in detecting an irregular heartbeat

An irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation is a condition that can go undiagnosed in many individuals because it doesn’t necessarily exhibit any sy(...)

Many AI-powered devices which we give orders to are given female voices such as Siri and Alexa.

In a recent TED talk from AI technologist Kriti Sharma, we are told that the biggest worry around the future of AI is not that it will take (...)

One to watch: Weird City

We all use YouTube (what’s life without Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?) but is it worth considering an upgrade to YouTube Premium? As with most s(...)

Israel has developed a fully autonomous drone which it has sold to several governments.

Killer robots are in the news again: following fears over AI-powered autonomous tanks, the US Department of Defense has issued a statement reassuring (...)

The simulation hypothesis  proposes that we are all living within a giant computer simulation like the Matrix, which was created by super-advanced AIs

Is this the tech world’s equivalent of flat earth theorists? There are firm believers in the simulation hypothesis, which proposes that we are all liv(...)

Entrepreneur Jeremy Burge claims that Facebook’s 2018 statement on Search and Account Settings is misleading or inaccurate

A new wave of criticism hits Facebook as the social networking giant has been accused of not adequately protecting the privacy of users who have provi(...)

No more inserting screenshots or images into your project.

When is the last time you got excited about Microsoft Excel? Prepare to whoop because this new feature for Excel on Android is useful and time-saving:(...)

Google says that rather than helping Europe’s creative and digital economy, Article 13 of the EU copyright directive will hold it back.

Responding to the finalised text for the EU copyright directive, Google says that rather than helping Europe’s creative and digital economy, it will h(...)

“Unless solutions are provided, we risk seeing many of the natural elements that make up the world around us run out,” EUChemS warns

Did you know 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table? To celebrate this, the European Chemical Society (EUChemS) has created a new period(...)

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