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Is artificial intelligence killing the art of conversation? After all, if we learn to bark optimised orders at Alexa and spit Google-specific keywords(...)

Using its pattern-recognition tech, iCare can detect the difference between an adult or  child’s swiping or touchscreen behaviour with up to 97% accuracy. Photograph: iStock

From running up huge bills on the App Store to accessing inappropriate content on YouTube, there are countless horrific scenarios when kids get hold o(...)

The dog interacts with a touchscreen game – by nose, not paws – in order to carry out simple tasks in exchange for a treat.

You can – and should – teach old dogs new tricks, say cognitive biologists at the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna, where a brain training app is(...)

Paste allows you to pull in a wide selection of relevant images for your presentation

I’m already a fan of FiftyThree’s beautiful (and recently redesigned) iOS Paper app, a virtual sketchbook that makes your drawings and scribbles look (...)

Serial may be credited with reviving the podcast scene but the trope of investigating an unsolved case and along the way revealing something about the(...)

The three most common greetings for opening emails are “hi”, “hello”, and “dear”, according to Boomerang, the email plug-in software for scheduling yo(...)

Haven is designed first and foremost to detect snooping, or as the developers put it: “for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders”

Thanks to Edward Snowden, The Guardian Project, and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Haven app transforms your old smartphone into a security (...)

Fake that: Nicolas Cage

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, being used for less-than-worthy causes has come to public attention this p(...)

Mastodon: it looks and behaves a bit like Twitter

Have you ever wondered why small app developers have never tried to compete with the iron Fist (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) of social medi(...)

Irish 101 is hosted on the Open University’s online education platform FutureLearn.

Céad míle fáilte! Have you forgotten all the Irish you learned in school? I found that it never stuck unless there was some interesting context, which(...)

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