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Cambridge researchers have spent 10 years digitising the volumes and making 500 of their favourite cases available online

For centuries the calfskin-bound volumes of Simon Forman gathered dust in Oxford’s Bodleian Library. These 400-year old case notes contain “diagnoses”(...)

If you like simulation or strategy games and you’re interested in space science and sci-fi, then Surviving Mars is for you. The objective is to make t(...)

Wire is also different in that it doesn’t force you to use a phone number – you can sign up via email only if you prefer.

The recent WhatsApp security flaw that led to the installation of spyware has many users worried. An update may have been issued but some might be loo(...)

The University of Pennsylvania’s course covers the important rulers and explores the construction of the pyramids and the Sphinx, the gods and goddesses worshipped, and, yes, mummies.

Like many children I was fascinated with stories of ancient Egypt: mummified kings and queens, the mystery of how the pyramids were built, tales of Ho(...)

Conor Reid’s Words to That Effect podcast draws on academic texts but is completely accessible

It is rare enough to find a good listen touching upon such diverse genres of fiction from steampunk and transhumanism to pulp fiction and Sherlock, bu(...)

For students who prefer to take handwritten notes in class or professionals who want to think on paper without the distraction of the internet, the Dropbox notebook is a good choice.

Moleskine’s new Dropbox Smart Notebook is not the first tech collaboration for this iconic brand. It first partnered with Evernote in 2012 to create a(...)

Poem Portraits is powered by Google AI

AI is notoriously shaky when it comes to literature and art. Machine learning can produce terrifying images, bizarre dialogue and rubbish poetry. Or a(...)

Comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble are the brains behind the Off Menu podcast

Aside from true crime, comedy and food have to be two of the most popular podcast genres. Comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble had the genius idea of(...)

Marvel Strike Force scooped Best Breakthrough Game while Shadowgun Legends was awarded Most Beautiful Game at the Google Play Awards

At this week’s I/O event, the annual Google Play Awards shone the spotlight on outstanding Android apps over the past year. Top of the list was the St(...)

Twitter users in general differ slightly from the general US population in that they are on average younger, more likely to be Democrats, and more likely to hold a batchelor’s degree.

When we want to read the thoughts of celebrities, politicians and other public personalities, Twitter has become the platform of choice for this as we(...)

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