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Students often favour online sources over university-provided learning materials, and need skills to distinguish reliable information from incorrect and/or manipulative information.

The level of internet literacy among young people has been the subject of several studies. They tend to look at various aspects of internet use includ(...)

When you are semi-lucid, you are asked questions about your dream content by an Alex-like social robot named Jibo.

Did you know Edison, Tesla, Poe and Dalí all napped with a steel ball in hand? As they drifted off into a half-sleep, the ball would drop, waking them(...)

It’s all down to personal taste but I was drawn to the wilderness-themed paintings of Canadian artist Sean Lewis

A recent online search for Takeshi Nakamura – an electronica musician I used to listen to a long time ago – serendipitously led me to the artwork of T(...)

The Marine Institute Ireland’s website has an entire section  dedicated to children’s activities.

An entire section of the Marine Institute Ireland’s website is dedicated to children’s activities related to learning more about marine research and i(...)

Neil Gaiman, author and thinker

Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite Twitter people. Hell, he’s one of my favourite people. His tweets are a tonic for these turbulent times and Gaiman (...)

Study  followed people being motivated by Instagram posts. Photograph:  Getty

Now that we’ve been told to exercise within 2km of our homes, there are plenty of people who no longer have access to parks and woodlands for daily wa(...)

Neo.Life was created by Wired co-founder Jane Metcalfe

Neo.Life is all about the future of humanity. This relatively new online publication, created by Wired co-founder Jane Metcalfe, looks at biohacking, (...)

The fallout from school closures as part of several countries’ social distancing policies is that many teachers may not have access to digital tools t(...)

Covid-19: Tackle it with London College of Political Technologists’ Coronavirus Tech Handbook.

Can techies help beat the coronavirus? The London College of Political Technologists thinks so. This independent UK-based organisation has created an (...)

Materialise’s paddle-shaped extension can be fitted to door handles to allow you open and close doors with your arms not hands.

The coronavirus persists longest on hard surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic. A new study co-authored by the National Institute of Allergy an(...)

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