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It seems that “digital natives” are more savvy to this kind of content than so-called “digital immigrants”

Fake news, am I right? Seems like younger folks will believe anything; they don’t know the difference between news from a verified news source and som(...)

Flickr is a quieter place since the rise of Instagram and cloud storage

Flickr, once the most popular platform on the web for uploading images, has become a decidedly quieter place, mostly for hobbyists now that most peopl(...)

Setting limits on your kids’ screen time won’t work if your own head is constantly buried in a screen. Photograph: Getty Images

It’s not just setting limits on screen time and monitoring use that impacts upon a child’s media consumption; according to researchers at the Universi(...)

Grown’s clothing is made from certified organic cotton using eco-friendly dyes

Trying to reduce waste, ferret out ethical brands and ensure things you buy are sustainable can be anxiety-inducing but now, more than ever, we have t(...)

UC Berkeley-based Greater Good Science Centre carries out research on what it means to live a happier life

Now that you’re feeling decidedly more relaxed and ethical, it’s time to get happy . . . through science. The UC Berkeley-based Greater Good Science C(...)

The beginning of a new year feels like a natural time to make a fresh start, but there is pressure to overhaul one’s life completely in an understandi(...)

Can you believe it has been a decade since Santa’s elves finally got a digital presence? Portable North Pole (PNP), in its 10th year, is the perfect p(...)

The LarvalBot  undersea robot was developed  to inject a new lease of life into the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

An undersea robot developed by researchers from Southern Cross University and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia will inject a new(...)

Positioning itself as “the world’s first multi-sensory podcast”, Heston Blumenthal’s new Pod & Chips is an aural delight for foodies. Famous for h(...)

Sleep texting: new condition affecting many students. Photograph: Getty Images

Conditions like sleep walking and sleep talking are well known, there are even documented cases of driving and committing murder (homicidal somnambuli(...)

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