Tinder takes on fraudsters by asking for real-time photo

Dating app to make it harder for fraudsters to make fake profiles

Changes to Tinder profiles are being introducted

Dating app Tinder is making it more difficult for fraudsters to create fake profiles by introducing what it describes as “human assisted AI” that requires a real-time live photo from a user to compare against images on their profile. Those wary of catfishing can look out for a blur tick next to a user’s account which indicates a verified profile.

Tinder says this feature is being introduced gradually throughout 2020 alongside "Safety Centre", a resource with tips for safer dating. This was developed in association with an advisory council created by Match.com and advises on topics like online harassment and safety measures to put in place when users meet in real life. This resource will soon be available to users in the US, UK, France and Germany, rolling out globally later in the year.

Finally, there is the “Does This Bother You” feature that auto-detects and flags potentially offensive messages. Should a user receive such a message they can report it with the option of also reporting the sender. There will also be an Undo button for those who want to take back a message containing potentially offensive or upsetting language before they hit “send”.

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