Coronavirus: Near real-time interactive dashboard tracks cases

Johns Hopkins University’s dashboard is technically a real-time map but lags a little behind breaking news updates

Aside from checking the HSE's dedicated coronavirus page as well as reputable media outlets, there are a handful of other reliable sources out there. One such resource is the coronavirus dashboard developed by the Centre for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in the US.

Based on an existing model used to calculate measles risk in the US, this interactive web-based dashboard allows the user to drill down on a country-by-country basis to see how many cases of coronavirus have been detected, how many individuals have recovered, and how many deaths have occurred. It is technically a real-time map but lags a little behind breaking news updates.

Although this dashboard is useful it doesn't provide any particularly in-depth information. For example, there is no case-by-case information with dates on each confirmed case. While cases in China and the US are broken down by region, this is not available for the majority of countries including Ireland and the UK.

The red dots on each country are sized according to the number of conformed cases and clicking on them provides the exact number. However, the dots are centred on each region, which might lead users to incorrectly believe that all coronavirus cases in Ireland, for example, are in the midlands.