Dive into Neil Gaiman’s Archive of Cool Stuff

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Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite Twitter people. Hell, he's one of my favourite people. His tweets are a tonic for these turbulent times and Gaiman is refreshingly honest about the creative process, talking about being "too worried and too discombobulated" to write new things.

Someone asked him: “How do you manage to write and stay focused on it without worrying about what is going on in the world? (Many people want to know for themselves).” His answer: “Very, very badly.”

But this doesn’t stop the prolific writer from being generous with his time on social media, supporting other creators and talking to his fans. And also sharing an archive of his works for people to enjoy.

At NeilGaiman.com/Cool_Stuff you will find a random selection of the author’s interviews, essays, short stories, excerpts from his novels and even free chapters from audiobooks of his works. The best bit is that each time you refresh the webpage a new selection appears. If you are already a Gaiman fan this is an utter treat, if you don’t know his writing then now is the time to acquaint yourself.


And for the little ones, aged eight and up, there are the complete readings of both The Graveyard Book and Coraline over at MouseCircus.com for free. These books are a little spooky (well, it’s Neil Gaiman) but beautifully written and they contain important life lessons.