Brighten up your stay at home experience with artwork from Behance

Web Log: Now is the perfect time to decorate your walls with beautiful prints

A recent online search for Takeshi Nakamura – an electronica musician I used to listen to a long time ago – serendipitously led me to the artwork of Takashi Nakamura on Behance. Behance is the Adobe-owned social networking site where artists, illustrators, designers and photographers showcase their work.

Music forgotten, I spent the evening looking at the many beautiful images and illustrations on this website. It's all down to personal taste but I was drawn to the wilderness-themed paintings of Canadian artist Sean Lewis. Like most of the creators on Behance he has a link to his personal website so it was easy to find the print I wanted and order a copy (after already making it my desktop background).

Unknown artists

And then I started thinking that now is the perfect time to buy new prints. We're all stuck inside staring at the same four walls so why not liven up the livingroom or a drab workspace while supporting relatively unknown artists. If you can't afford to buy anything you can still follow the artist, leave a message to tell them you like their work, and share a link to their Behance profile on Twitter or Facebook.