Robert Emmet

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Bloomfield House, Bloomfield Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Since it was built in about 1790 for the prominent barrister, MP and future attorney general William Saurin, Bloomfield House in Donnybrook has witnes(...)

The American Irish Historical Society’s mansion on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan that is now on sale for $52 million. Photograph: Sarah Blesener/New York Times

A much-storied mansion on New York’s Fifth Avenue has gone on the market for $52 million, or more than €40 million, and its sale by the American Irish(...)

The Long Room at Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / THE IRISH TIMES

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) will examine its colonial legacy in Ireland and across the British Empire in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.(...)

The new depiction of what Robert Emmet looked like reveals the trauma he suffered during his execution. Image: Matt Loughrey/My Colourful Past

Robert Emmet’s rebellion of 1803 lasted only a single day but his reputation, thanks to his much quoted epitaph and the tragedy of his short life, ha(...)

A cartoon depicting a uniformed Irish Volunteer (representing Ireland) being introduced to the Versailles Conference table by Uncle Sam. Other participants at the conference table are represented by stylised figures such as John Bull. Photograph: NLI

Every student of Irish history is taught that the War of Independence began on January 21st, 1919, with the ambush of a party escorting a cartload of(...)

Great Irish movies: Eamonn Owens as Francie Brady in The Butcher Boy, directed by Neil Jordan


The McSharry and Kennedy building families want to build 105 apartments fronting onto Herbert Park, on the site of three Edwardian villas. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Efforts are underway to preserve the final home of The O’Rahilly, who died in the 1916 Rising. It follows proposals for its demolition to make way for(...)

 An English republican flag made its first public appearance at the Spa Field Riots of 1816.  Photograph: Oleksii Liskonih/iStock

Had history happened differently, there might be more than one tricolour on display when Ireland play England in Twickenham this coming Sunday. But if(...)

Ted Kennedy at the Hist, 1970

During a meeting of Trinity’s College Historical Society on Wednesday March 1st, 1961, the British peer, Lord Windlesham, admitted that apartheid was (...)

Billie Eilish: the singer coaxes her inner Shirley Bassey to the surface on a slow stomper that throws side-eye at the Goldfinger theme

Valentine’s in an Irish restaurant: ‘Some couples barely speak to one another. Most don’t tip’: Restaurateurs share trade secrets of the ‘worst night (...)

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