Valentine’s in an Irish restaurant, Robert Emmet and Trump’s badger ’obsession’

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Valentine's in an Irish restaurant: 'Some couples barely speak to one another. Most don't tip': Restaurateurs share trade secrets of the 'worst night of the year' Read more here.

'His grave is Ireland': The search for Robert Emmet's body: Patriot was executed in 1803 but his remains disappeared and have never been found. Read more here.

Beo ar Éigean - Scathán ar phobal na Gaeilge: 'Ag tosú amach, bhí faitíos orainn nach mbeadh aon rud le rá againn, nó níos measa fós, nach n-éisteadh éinne linn.' Read more here.

'Are they mean?' Donald Trump 'obsessed' with badgers, new book claims: Daily Beast reporters say president repeatedly asked about the animals in policy briefings. Read more here.


Billie Eilish's No Time to Die Bond theme: a slow stomper that flubs the 007 test: Goth popster should be perfect for Daniel Craig's 007, but her song doesn't quite earn its licence to thrill. Read more here.

'Exposure doesn't pay bills' - What artists say about freebie culture: Jesse Jones and Emmet Kirwan speak out at Arts Council's Paying the Artist launch. Read more here.

Meet The Hu: the Mongolian metal band conquering the world: Never mind the Who, this is The Hu – ready to rock with their unique Mongolian throat singing sound. Read more here.

A guide to Dublin's old 'junk' markets: From the archive: 'The true junk lover knows that time is even more essential than money to successful junk hunts' Read more here.

Six of the best films to see in the cinema this weekend: New this weekend - Jihad Jane, Talking About Trees, The Lost Boys. Read more here.