Here are five presents for the techie in your life

Take your pick from R2D2 to Dyson’s supersonic hairdryer


Sphero R2d2

Remember Sphero’s BB8? Now there’s R2D2 to add into the mix. You too can own your own astromech droid, having him at your beck and call. Like BB8, R2D2 is controlled via a smartphone app, so you can send the droid on a scouting mission around your home, tell him to run and hide, or team up with Sphero BB8 for even more fun.

Where to buy: CompuB

How much: €150

HP Sprocket

We all take lots of photographs, but they usually end up marooned on our digital accounts, viewed only on Facebook, Instagram or stuck in the cloud. So why not print a few? The HP Sprocket is a portable printer that you can connect to your mobile device and print small, sticker-style prints on the go. It has a rechargeable battery and is about the size of a mobile phone, so you can throw it in your bag - or its carry case - and take it with you. See our review here.

Where to buy: Harvey Norman

How much: €149

Fujifilm instax sp3 printer

The rival to the Sprocket is HP’s Instax printer. Instead of sticker prints though, it produces Polaroid-style images. Slightly larger than the Sprocket, the Instax SP-3 offers similar convenience, with paper comes in a cartridge, no ink to mess around with and your tiny prints are produced in a couple of minutes. You have to wait for them to develop, which is an interesting concept in a world where instant gratification is all around us.

Where to buy: Conn’s Cameras

How much: €199

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

On the face of it, almost €400 for a hairdryer seems like utter madness. But if you have difficult to deal with hair - and I do - it’s worth every cent, if it works as it claims. The Dyson Supersonic claims to protect your hair from damage using sensors to control temperature, has Dyson’s motor technology built in and comes with magnetic attachments. Read our review here

Where to buy: Arnotts

How much: €399.99

Lenovo Mirage AR headset

This Christmas is bound to be a little Star Wars-heavy, given the release of the latest movie. The Lenovo Mirage AR headset gives you the chance to step into the shoes of a Jedi: all you need is the headset. Controller and a compatible smartphone to run the game. There’s a tracking beacon to keep watch on your location, allowing you to fend off attacks and face down your enemies without having to fight a dodgy motion tracking system too.

Where to buy it: Harvey Norman

How much: €249