New generation of iKettle comes with Alexa voice control

Smarter’s high-tech kettle offers remote boiling, but is it worth €115?

Smarter’s iKettle

Smarter’s iKettle


I think we all know how I feel about a smart kettle. Unless it can deliver a finished cup of tea to me in bed and then take the cup off to wash it, I don’t really see too many reasons to shell out a couple of hundred euro to boil water. Smart for smart’s sake.

But it seems that there are enough people out there willing to shell out money for a wifi kettle that Smarter is now on its third generation of the iKettle. It links up with Amazon’s Alexa to allow you to order the kettle to boil. And you can still boil it from anywhere in the world – or the house – and set it to boil as you walk through the door from a weary day at the office.

Sound good? That’ll be €115 please.