Sphero releases app-enabled R2-D2 droid for Christmas

Tech Tools: Chief function of new toy is probably racing it against BB-8

Prepare yourself: the Star Wars onslaught is about to begin. And what better way to celebrate/jump on the band wagon than by spending almost €150 on a remote control toy? Last time around it was Sphero’s BB-8 toy that was the must-have; now there’s an R2-D2 to add to the mix.

The BB-8 toy was a no-brainer for Sphero, because let’s face it, they’re both round. But R2-D2 looks pretty similar to the original – although a fraction of the size – and has all the bleeps and other R2 sound effects you need to feel like you have your own astromech. You can control it through your smartphone, of course, so the chief function is probably racing it against BB-8.