Lucinda Creighton’s consultancy agrees partnership with US lobbyist

Vulcan Consulting and VH Strategies will work together to provide transatlantic services

Vulcan Consulting, an advisory firm established by former TD Lucinda Creighton, has announced a new strategic partnership with Washington DC lobbyist VH Strategies.

Ms Creighton, a one-time Fine Gael minister of state for European affairs, said the partnership would allow the public affairs firms to provide services to their clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

The formal agreement does not involve any financial transactions.

VH Strategies was founded in 2007 by Bob Van Heuvelem, who previously served as chief of staff to Senator Kent Conrad, former chairman of the Senate budget committee. Its clients include Allergan and Genworth.

The firm recently lobbied to secure an exclusion from the section 301 tariffs on Chinese goods, ensured passage of legislative authorisation to resolve a 40-year old mineral rights dispute, and helped secure the extension of a renewable energy tax credit.

‘Impressive record’

“Our firms have a broad range of subject matter competencies, and an impressive record of accomplishment in many areas, including trade, healthcare, telemedicine, energy, water, environment, financial services, agriculture and technology,” said Mr Van Heuvelem.

“We look forward to bringing the strengths of our two enterprises together, to enhance the quality of our offerings and to serve our clients with even more impressive results.”

Vulcan Consulting was founded by Ms Creighton in 2016 after she lost her seat in the general election with Renua, a party she had founded the previous year.

The firm, which advises Irish and multinational companies, announced the appointment of former diplomat Rory Montgomery as a special adviser late last year. Other advisers include former Fine Gael MEP Avril Doyle.