Brexit slowdown, construction goes green and keeping tabs on work hours

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Brexit is not even here yet and already there are dark mutterings about Weimar Germany, says Chris Johns, who now rates the chances of a collapse of the Union as around the same as those of a hard Brexit.

Brexit is also taking the blame – along with a general global economic slowdown – as Ireland’s manufacturing sector is slowing at the fastest rate in more than six years, according to new data published this morning. The one bright spot? Stockpiling ahead of October 31st might provide some relief.

John Sisk will invest close to €3 million on electric vehicles for staff and charging points at its offices and construction sites over the next four years, writes Neil Briscoe. Apart from showing a commitment to a somewhat greener agenda, the company says the move will also yield cost savings of around €450,000 a year.

Budget lobbying continues apace with Irish craft brewersurging the Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe to keep a tax break that charges lower excise bills to microbreweries in next month’s budget, writes Barry O’Halloran.

Profits at mechanical engineering contractor BMD & Company – formerly a part of the Bowen Construction empire – almost doubled to €3.9 million last year, on the back of contract wins in the biopharmaceutical production and energy sectors. Barry has the details.

Finally, as Dominic Cummings presses ministerial advisers to work 24/7 in the cause of Brexit until October 31st, Pilita Clark notes that all the available evidence shows endless working hours are bad for decisions and bad for people.

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