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The forthcoming Eurostat visit is ‘routine’, according to the CSO. Photograph: iStock

The Central Statistics Office said it has held “intensive discussions” with the EU’s statistics agency on the recent sharp revision of Ireland’s econo(...)

The European Central Bank headquarters in  Frankfurt. Photograph: Bernd Kammerer/AP Photo

When the economist Paul Krugman referred to the latest Irish national accounts figures as “Leprechaun economics” he was missing the real story. The n(...)

The European Union’s statistics agency is sending a mission to Dublin  to investigate  Irish economic growth figures  which prompted claims of “leprechaun economics”. File photograph: Getty Images

The European Union’s statistics agency is sending a mission to Dublin next month to investigate the Irish economic growth figures for last year which (...)

So 2008 Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is dismissive of “Leprechaun economics”. So? That was his description of figures from the Central Statistics Offic(...)

“American greatness was in large part created by government investment or private investment shaped by public support, from the Erie Canal to the transcontinental railroads to the interstate highway system.” Photograph:  David McNew/Getty Images

The United States presidential campaign still has three ugly months to go, but the odds – 83 per cent odds, according to the New York Times model – ar(...)

At the MacGill Summer School, CSO director general Padraig Dalton said:   ‘GDP and GNP, although required internationally, no longer provide a sufficient understanding of the domestic economy.’ Photograph: Davd Sleator/The Irish Times

A group of experts is being established to provide more accurate data about economic growth in Ireland, the director general of the Central Statistics(...)

Nobel prize-winning economist Prof Paul Krugman:  his “leprechaun economics” tweet by Paul Krugman was the coup de grâce. Photograph:  Jason Clarke Photography

Ever heard the one about the statistician who drowned trying to wade across the river? He was told it was only three feet deep . . . on average. The j(...)

Stefan Gerlach: “While there are a lot of very serious politicians in Ireland, I am worried that people will look at the figures and ask why there is a need for any austerity.” Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) found a big pot of gold lying around this week, when it revised the Republic’s GDP growth rate last year up to 26.(...)

David who? David Cameron dropped in on the Farnborough International Airshow for one of his last engagements as prime minister
Planet Business

Image of the week: David who? At the time of writing, Britain has not been subject to a military coup, although frankly who knows what’s going on any(...)

Miniter for Finance Michael Noonan: difficult to interpret GDP figures. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / THE IRISH TIMES

You could call it a €75 billion mystery. Or a €300 billion conundrum. But either way trying to interpret the official economic figures for 2015 is nex(...)

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