Pablo Iglesias

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Spain’s second deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias. Photograph: Fernando Alvarado/EPA

A legal storm, triggered by the theft of the telephone of a former adviser to a cabinet minister, has unleashed a new crisis for Spain’s coalition gov(...)

Basque Country regional government president Iñigo Urkullu (C) and his wife Lucia Arieta (R) arrive to PNV party headquarters  in Bilbao, Spain. Photograph: Luis Tejido/EPA

The result of Sunday’s Galician election can hardly have stirred more mixed feelings for Spanish opposition leader Pablo Casado. His conservative Po(...)

Volunteers hand out food in the Madrid district of Aluche. Photograph: Guy Hedgecoe

It is just after 10am and a queue is forming in a side street in the working-class district of Aluche. Those gathered are waiting to receive bags of d(...)

 Protesters and counter-protesters clash during a march against the Spanish central government’s management of the coronavirus crisis in Madrid, Spain. Photograph: EPA/Rodrigo Jimenez

Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez secured a crucial parliamentary victory this week, but his minority government has been left looking more fragile(...)

A girl looking at a deserted playground from her window in Bilbao, northern Spain. Photograph:  EPA/Luis Tejido

Millions of Spanish children will be able to leave their homes for the first time in six weeks on Sunday, as their country takes another step towards (...)

Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez: The cabinet has approved the draft Bill of the so-called Sexual Freedom Law, which seeks to clamp down on sexual assaults and clarify sexual consent. Photograph: Ludovic Marin

A row over gender-equality policy has triggered the first major dispute between the two main partners in Spain’s leftist coalition government. The So(...)

Quim Torra, Catalonia’s president, is to attend talks with Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez. Photograph: Angel Garcia/Bloomberg

A highly anticipated series of negotiations is due to begin on Wednesday between the governments of Spain and Catalonia, aimed at resolving the countr(...)

Podemos Party leader Pablo Iglesias and acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez. Together the two Socialist  parties are still short of a majority. Photograph: JuanJo Martin/EPA

Spain’s Socialists are hoping to break an eight-month political stalemate by forming the country’s first coalition government of modern times. Howeve(...)

Spanish acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez and Unidas Podemos (Together We Can) leader Pablo Iglesias: the two are planning to form a governing coalition. Photograph: Sergio Perez

Spain’s Socialists have signed an agreement to form a governing coalition with the leftist Podemos party, in the hope of ending the country’s six-mont(...)

Spain’s incumbent prime minister and Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez in Madrid after winning Sunday’s election with 120 seats – three fewer than in the last election in April.  Photograph: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP via Getty Images

Spain’s Socialists have vowed to move quickly to form a new leftist government in the wake of the weekend general election, apparently ruling out a gr(...)

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