Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan:  an investigation into the property holdings of Donald Trump found complex partnerships and debts of at least $650 million – double the amount to be gleaned from public campaign filings he has made. Photograph: Damon Winter/The New York Times

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has sold himself as a businessman who has made billions of dollars and is be(...)

Jessamyn Stanley has over 200,000 followers on Instagram account , where she posts photos of herself in  complex yoga poses.

Jessamyn Stanley teaches yoga. She has written a book about it. She travels the world giving seminars to her fans – 200,000 of whom follow her Instagr(...)

Jackie Gervais Galvin said the eagle had hung upside down from a tree near the cabin belonging to her and her husband, Jason Galvin, for more than two days. Photograph: Jackie Gervais Galvin/Facebook

A US army veteran used his sharp-shooting skills to free a bald eagle trapped in a Minnesota tree ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, his wife said. (...)

When compared with women who drank no diet beverages, those who drank, on average, one can of diet soft drink a day doubled the risk of having an overweight one-year-old, according to the research.

Drinking diet soft drinks and other artificially sweetened beverages during pregnancy is associated with having overweight one-year-olds, according to(...)

File photo: A mother holds her one-month old daughter, who was born with microcephaly and was exposed to the Zika virus during her mother’s pregnancy, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph: Antonio Lacarda/EPA

After several weeks of study and debate, US health officials concluded that infection with the Zika virus during pregnancy causes the birth defect mi(...)

Livestock and harm: Global food production and agriculture account for about 25 per cent of all greenhouse-gas emission. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty

Last year marked the centenary of the general theory of relativity, but it appears Albert Einstein also showed great foresight when he said, “Nothing(...)

“When asked questions such as ‘Can sound smash a wine glass?’, students developed strategies without a lab manual to follow.” Photograph: Thinkstock

One of the strongest predictors of a science student’s academic performance is their level of engagement with their learning. There is considerable(...)

I ate five whole blueberries from my garden this year. Yes, yes, I know, it’s a risible amount, especially when compared to last year’s bountiful harv(...)

Bumble bee feeding from a cosmos flower. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Bad days, we all have them. Something happens, and suddenly you find yourself briefly but uncomfortably at odds with the world. I was having such a(...)

Science-fiction film Ex Machina which offers a clever version of the robots versus humans narrative

Are technology companies running too fast into the future and creating things that could potentially wreak havoc on humankind? That question has been (...)

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