‘Children with autism often don’t sleep well, and this can have an effect on the entire family.’ Photograph: iStock

Congratulations, you have just been awarded European Research Council funding – those grants are hard to get. What will your project be about? Thank (...)

Prof Mike Zaworotko: “Often we already have the solutions, but they have to be matched with the right problems.”

You work in the field of crystal engineering, what is that? Crystals are solids that have repeating patterns of atoms, molecules or ions in their str(...)

Prof Mark Ferguson, director general of Science Foundation Ireland: “Europe’s challenge is to scale up companies at the same rate as the US does.” Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

Unicorn companies, start-ups with a value of more than $1 billion, are about as rare in Europe as living examples of those mythical creatures. The Eur(...)

A 16th century brewhouse  at the Weald and Downland museum in West Suxxex. “We want to understand how stone masons could drink 14 pints of beer and build cathedrals”

A five-year inter-disciplinary study into the diet and eating habits of Irish communities in the 16th and 17th century aims to bust some myths about t(...)

Queuing outside a shop in Sceaux, south of Paris, on the 23rd day of a strict lockdown in France. Photograph: Thomas Coex / AFP

The head of the European Union’s top science agency walked out of his post and burned the bridge behind him with a caustic resignation statement that (...)

Horseshoe bats. Photograph: iStock

How did Covid-19 come to be? It’s a puzzle that involves tolerant bats, possibly middlemen pangolins and a virus that gathered structures and tricks a(...)

Dan Bradley, professor of population genetics at Trinity College Dublin, is to evaluate ancient genetic characteristics of farm animals to help write new chapters on ancient human history.

Four Irish researchers are to benefit from a total of €10 million in grants to study the ancient genetic make-up of farm animals, complete a data anal(...)

Davos brings together entrepreneurs, scientists, corporate and political leaders. Photograph: EPA

It hasn’t been a good week for bats, with the flying mammals being pointed to by some as a potential source of a deadly coronavirus sweeping China tha(...)

At NUI Galway, Laoise McNamara received funding for the study of Bone disease; and Dimitrios Zeugolis for research on cellular tissue.

Irish universities have secured six out of just over 300 lucrative European research grants which are awarded to the continent’s top scientists and sc(...)

“There is as much enthusiasm for and interest in investment in Ireland from the US as there has ever been.” Photograph: iStock

The figures speak for themselves. Ireland makes up just 1 per cent of the European economy yet was responsible for 12.7 per cent of all US foreign dir(...)

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