Q&A: What are the new Covid travel rules and how will they work?

Changes include quarantine rules on entering the State, higher fines and Border checks

A Garda checkpoint in Dublin recently. Photograph: Collins

A Garda checkpoint in Dublin recently. Photograph: Collins

So what exactly has changed?
The easiest way to understand the most important changes announced by the Government on Tuesday is that everyone will have to undergo a period of mandatory quarantine somewhere after arriving into the State.

Wasn’t that always the case?
No. Until now, the advice has been to restrict your movements for 14 days on arrival into the State – you could end this after five days if you had a clear PCR test. New rules mean you’ll be forced to observe this period at home or in a hotel. You can still avoid the 14-day obligation with a clear PCR test after five days – unless you have arrived from the UK, South Africa or Brazil. You still need a PCR test taken within 72 hours of your departing flight.

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