Covid-19: Medical professionals, share your experiences of dealing with the third wave

Reader callout: we would like to hear the views of those working in the health service

A third wave of Covid-19 is placing huge pressure on Ireland’s health service and we want to hear about the experiences of medical professionals responding to the pandemic.

Are you receiving support in your role and do you have easy access to adequate supplies of PPE and other equipment? Is the health system better able to cope than during the first or second wave of the virus? How are interactions with patients and their families? Has the pandemic affected your relationship with colleagues, has it improved them or is the strain beginning to show? How confident are you in the roll out of the vaccination programme?

Please share your views and experiences (in 300 words or less) using the form here. We intend to publish a selection of responses. If you are reading this on The Irish Times app, go here to access the form. Thank you.