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The gathering heard that student career decisions are made on the basis, more or less, on what their mother tells them, not their father. File photograph: Getty Images

Mothers are the single biggest influence on students choosing their career options even though they may be out of touch with developments in work and (...)

Irish universities’ grade inflation has sparked claims of ‘dumbing down’

Students are most likely to secure first or upper-second class degrees at Dublin City University (72 per cent), followed by University College Dublin (...)

Deborah Ryan’s Christmas Ham (hang) Fritters

Just 1 per cent of Traveller children progress to third-level education compared with more than half of the wider community, latest figures show. The (...)

Christmas Ham fritters. Photograph: Deborah Ryan

As a family, it’s not Christmas dinner that we look forward to as such, it’s these ham fritters that my dad makes on St Stephen’s Day. Really, Christ(...)

Dublin City University has committed to a charter developed to improve the health and well-being of almost 20,000 students and staff at the university(...)

Housing activists were removed from a Dublin city centre property that they had been occupying for  three weeks. Photograph: Jack Power/The Irish Times

The latest homeless figures show that almost 10,000 people are accessing State-funded emergency accommodation. While this number represents a slight d(...)

Cacio e Pepe. Photograph: Deborah Ryan
Deborah Ryan’s Cacio e Pepe

It’s getting to that stage in the semester where those once far away deadlines are very much closer. It’s also cold inside and outside, so keeping t(...)

Protesters gather in Dublin at the “Homes for all” rally on Saturday. Photograph: James Forde/The Irish Times

Thousands of people have taken part in a protest march in Dublin to highlight the housing crisis. The latest figures released by the Department of Hou(...)

Have you had a bad experience  trying to rent while in college? Share  your story with us... Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Students are sleeping in cars and couch-surfing because of the housing crisis and the shortage of rental accommodation. Have you had to couch-surf or (...)

’Many of the best study tools and apps came about to help or assist students with additional learning needs but are useful for students from any background’ - Linda Doran

We asked some study experts for their advice on how to do well in college. Dr Majella Dempsey is course leader for the science and maths education pro(...)

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