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The Volvo S90 has Pilot Assist, which takes care of the steering up to speeds of 130km/h by  continually monitoring the area in front of the vehicle.

Sometimes you can be too close to the trees to realise the extent of the forest. There’s a revolution under way in the motor industry and it’s not ju(...)

Land Rover test vehicle in the west of Ireland: likely to be the next generation of its Discovery range

One of our eagle-eyed spies spotted this heavily camouflaged Land Rover development car in the west of the Ireland, and it can only be the new Discove(...)

First unveiled as a Skoda concept the new production version of its SUV, the Kodiaq, will be a major seller once it lands in Ireland

Alfa Romeo Giulia The Giulia has the potential to be one of the most significant new cars of the year. The banner-carrier for the relaunch of the Alf(...)

Porsche 911

Best in class: Porsche 911 Some said that the switch to turbocharged engines across the 911 range (save for the most extreme GT and R models) would(...)

Skoda has its own SUV in the pipeline and the VisionS concept indicates what it will look like

The 2016 Geneva motor show will give us some pretty big hints as to the rest of the motoring year to come. Kicking off on March 1st, it will be the fi(...)

The clubhouse at Jumeirah Golf Estates.

I started studying interior architecture at Griffith College in 2008, when Ireland was falling into recession. As the final exams approached in 2012 a(...)

Complete with ‘Volkswagen Originalteil’ (that’s original parts) on the label, VW’s own butchers made 7.2-million currywursts in 2015 to keep hungry plant workers and executives fed at Wolfsburg. By contrast, Volkswagen only made 5.8-million Volkswagens in 2015, a 4.8 percent drop from 2014’s numbers.

Some years ago, the volume of money passing through Ford’s own bank, Ford Credit, was so vast that investors were often said to regard Ford as a massi(...)

Detroit my be broken and broke (the city filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and is still being bailed out by the state of Michigan) but it’s still Motown, M(...)

Bugatti has confirmed its next hypercar will be called the Chiron, after the 1920s Grand Prix driver

Bugatti will reach back into its history for the name of its Veyron replacement, slated to debut at next March’s Geneva motor show. The Franco-German(...)

Michael Carroll and Anne McArdle Michael, a banker from Knocklyon, Dublin, and primary school teacher Anne from Dundalk, Co Louth, were introd(...)

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