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‘In many cases, multiple subjects are examined in the one exam hall’

Last week we reported on concerns surrounding mass in-person exams for students this year despite growing concerns about rising Covid-19 cases. While (...)

TCD Sensory Spaces: The TCD Sense project was started in 2019 by staff in the Disability Service and Occupational Therapy and has involved the TCD Students Union, the Trinity Ability Coop, as well as staff in the library and the science laboratories.   Photograph: Iain White/Fennell Photography.

Trinity College Dublin has created a series of new spaces on its city centre campus that have been designed as supportive sensory environments for stu(...)

’Is there any possibility that vaccine breakthrough is a good deal more common than we realise?’

The last week has been somewhat of a roller coaster. We have gone from a situation where it appeared the country had indeed at last come to suppress C(...)

Free fees (but only in some cases) and online banking are about as much as the banks can muster. All the more reason  for students  to swot up before choosing a bank. Photograph: iStock

When it comes to winning students’ business, Irish banks need to study harder. While UK banks seem to offer a dizzying array of incentives, offers fro(...)

Taliban fighters are seen on the back of a vehicle in Kabul on Monday. Photograph: Epa

In September 2001, I was an exceptionally naive, exceptionally idealistic 17-year-old who, along with the rest of my classmates, experienced a prematu(...)

As a university student coming into fourth year, for my peers and I the housing crisis will likely have most effect in the next two-three years, so we(...)

“Burnham’s concerns about the world are almost exclusively applicable to an in-tune, sociologically aware younger generation.”

Satirical king and master of dark wit, Bo Burnham, has dropped his new Netflix special Inside with a splash. It set Twitter aflame with excitement, wh(...)

Editor of The Irish Times Paul O’Neill (left) presents awards to The Irish Times Debate team winners Chikemka Abuchi-Ogbonda (centre left) and Rí Anumudu, and individual speaker Gabrielle Fullam of the TCD Historical Society (right). Debate chair Liam Herrick is also pictured. Photograph: John Ohle

Maynooth University students Rí Anumudu and Chikemka Abuchi Debate finalists Rí Anumudu (left) and Chikemka Abuchi-Ogbonda (both Maynooth U(...)

The final will feature 12 speeches and each finalist will speak for 7 minutes. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell/The Irish Times

The livestream begins at 7.15pm on Saturday 17 July. Click here (or paste the following address into your browser to vie(...)

The Duomo at sunrise  in Milan. Photograph: iStock

A year on from the devastation the Covid-19 Pandemic brought, Milan is quietly optimistic. My Erasmus experience, spending five months living in the c(...)

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