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Here’s a man bound to find extensive work opportunities over the next four years: Donald Trump impersonator Eric Jackman, here at work at a Trump campaign rally  in Manchester, New Hampshire. File photograph: Ryan McBride/AFP/Getty Images

Topped with a yellow wig and dressed in an ill-fitting suit, white shirt and power-red tie, Eric Jackman did a mean impersonation of Donald Trump at (...)

’Notions of community and civility have taken a battering during this election but that does not mean they are dead, given that Trump also managed to generate much disgust and distress in the US.’ Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

In February 2008, three weeks after Barack Obama’s inauguration as the first African-American president in the United States, I listened to Noam Choms(...)

Supporters of Donald Trump rally in front of the White House in Washington. Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Not since the atrocities of 9/11 had I sat speechless in front of the television, seized by mind-numbing, sleep-defying shock. The perpetrators of 9/(...)

The  debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump is expected to set new TV viewership records with some pundits expecting as many as 100 million to tune in. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

The significance of presidential debates in determining the outcome of the US elections have themselves long been the subject of debate by presidenti(...)

Johnny Depp as Donald Trump in The Art of the  Deal – The Movie: almost as funny as the real thing

It’s hard to compete with the power, drama, emotion and scandal coming to us live from the Olympics, which continues to dominate schedules until this (...)

Donald Trump’s new campaign chief Steve Bannon during a roundtable discussion on security at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Wednesday. Under Bannon, the  Breitbart news site has espoused the anti-establishment stance that propelled Trump to victory in the Republican primary race. Photograph: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

In turning to Steve Bannon to right his campaign, Donald Trump is embracing a man who former employees and associates describe as a more intense versi(...)

In an era of gourmet dining and obsession with healthy ingredients, Donald Trump is a throwback to an earlier, more carefree time in American eating.

President Barack Obama is so disciplined that his wife has teased that he eats precisely seven lightly salted almonds each night. George W Bush was (...)

Hillary Clinton: the 68-year-old candidate and her supporters seized the historic moment on a emotional night, exactly eight years after she conceded defeat to Barack Obama. Photograph: Peter Foley/EPA

In a renovated warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Hillary Clinton made history beneath a glass ceiling by shattering the metaphorical glass ceiling(...)

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump  during a campaign rally in Redding, California, on  June 3rd, 2016. Photograph: Stephen Lam/Reuters

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan had a private phone call with US presidential hopeful Donald Trump a week after he visited Ireland in 2014. Mr No(...)

Former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice: could lend  strong national security bona fides to Donald Trump. Photograph:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

John Nance Garner, Franklin D Roosevelt’s running mate better known as “Cactus Jack”, famously said that “the vice-presidency was not worth a bucket o(...)

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