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Mia Farrow, as Daisy Buchanan, and Robert Redford, as Jay Gatsby,  in a scene from The Great Gatsby, based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925 but did not assume classic status till the 1940s.

Publishing is a cruel game, one that is relentlessly focused on the new. All publishers have a front list of titles, generally the books publis(...)

Artist John Kelly with a piece from one of his Cow Up a Tree series

‘How is one to be creative in the remotest, coldest, windiest and bleakest continent on Earth?” asks Irish-Australian artist John Kelly, who is curren(...)

Workers paste up election posters of German chancellor Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union and Peer Steinbrück of the Social Democratic Party. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Last night, audiences at Hamburg’s Thalia theatre watched Moby-Dick, the tale of a bullish sea captain’s tragic hunt for an elusive and enigmatic w(...)

Making Way, by Theo Dorgan
  • Books
  • July 13, 2013, 01:00

Tom Harrington, 50-something and recently bereaved, is sailing on the Mediterranean. His boat is The Lon Dubh, a “Cheoy Lee, built in Hong Kong 1960. (...)

Did you expect the reaction you got to the last album, The Hunter? We never really expect anything. The four of us were extremely happy with it.(...)

H H H This is a disc of works inspired by the (...)

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