Cabbage white: many offspring are hatched by July. Illustration: Michael Viney

The butterfly, a cabbage white, (His honest idiocy of flight) Will never now, it is too late, Master the art of flying straight . . . – Robert Graves,(...)

An artist rendition of ‘hot Saturn’ WASP-96b.  Image: Engine House VFX

Scientists, including a Dublin astronomer, have detected an exoplanet with an atmosphere that is free of clouds, marking a pivotal breakthrough in the(...)

Pregnant women can exercise in warm weather and use saunas or hot baths without risking the health of their unborn child, according to a study which c(...)

Can exposure to plastics harm your health? It’s a question currently being explored by researchers after a recent study suggested that traces of a syn(...)

Surfers are three times more likely to have antibiotic resistant E. coli in their guts than non-surfers, a study has revealed. Surfers swallow 10 tim(...)

International athletics athlete Thomas Barr with students from Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock, Co Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

So little time and so many teachers to talk to is a common complaint about teacher-parent meetings at secondary schools. But teachers of one subject a(...)

A bread cart with armed fighters in the Irish Civil War, around 1922: We can never know for sure if Protestants were targeted out of pure religious hatred or selected as convenient symbols of the old coloniser, Britain. Photograph: National Library of Ireland

A fundamental question about the Revolution’s civilian casualties was reopened at the West Cork History Festival last month: were Protestants harmed b(...)

High flyer: the ruddy shelduck. Photograph: Getty

An orange and brown duck species similar in size to the mallard has been recorded flying at altitudes of up to 6,800 metres (22,000 feet) to cross the(...)

Microbeads: pollution from microplastic-containing cosmetics contributes to a huge marine environmental challenge, according to Simon Coveney

The Government must lead by example and ban plastic microbeads rather than wait for an EU-wide agreement to protect our seas, a leading marine biologi(...)

Many runners have chosen to go minimal when running, but the great majority of runners remain attached to their expensive footwear.

If you want to lower risk of injury while running, leave the expensive footwear behind and run with minimal or no shoes. Research from the Universit(...)

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